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The call center development below global eye shot and management
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Manage the current situation to inspect the operation of center of each country call, university of American health like this Professor Rosemary Batt led 45 independent researcher to build the global call center that covers 17 states such as North America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia to study a network (Global Call Center Research Network, abbreviation GCC) , release regularly " the survey of global surveyor's pole of service of practice of natural resources of power of call center go-between, client and performance management " . This report development announces the compose of environment of call center technology is built, those who run practice apply, and these economic performance that manage behavior how to affect call center. The survey of surveyor's pole of industry of Chinese call center that by Chinese people university at present Xu Fang is taught and leader of university of health like this Dr. Liu Xiangmin begins is the main component of project of this one collaboration that cross a state. Article assemble GCC member is in nearly 2 of more than 10 countries, 500 call center and 194, the survey positive result of employee of 000 call center (appendix 1) , concentration elaborates call center industry growth and diffuse, market limits, outside the limits of bag, service and fundamental organization structure. 20 years in the past, a lot of countries experienced the land of contemporary service line of business that is a representing with call center industry to develop at full speed. Develop and drop of data changeover cost of IT considerably direct and ecbolic call center promotes his to develop; More and more enterprise discovery offerred service and sale to bring the flexibility of time and district to the client through call center technology, it is the economic operation cost, significant step that improves service quality.
The rapid development of call center also drew the great attention of people. On one hand, the development of call center reduces service cost directly, raise what tiring-room serves business to specialization, the conformity of system of facilitating business information is used. Besides improve company efficiency, the experience of many developed countries makes clear, the can drive second line city economy that the district flexibility of call center makes grows, make the way of important obtain employment of late area. On the other hand, the development of call center also aroused many controversy. Consumer thinks the indirect sex that the phone serves restricted a tradition to serve face-to-face generally kiss and be spent and degree of belief; The phone communicates not free is suitable and too long latency time brings about a few consumer to produce negative opinion to telephone service even. Call center controller is in the double pressure of low cost and high quality for a long time to fall, all sorts of issues that the place of many personnel flow that handles call center trade even at the same time brings. More important, what these controller often need to other department introduces and popularize call center to the company is muti_function fixed position, the function that to in an attempt to changes people to be built to institute of inchoate call center is single " hot line " concept.
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