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The pager leaves our times the password
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On MII government website, what Chinese UniCom applies for to stop Sichuan to wait for business of wireless paging of 30 provinces city is fair show these days hang in one horn silently -- if went to what bedding face of no use door accumulates 22 days " persuade to stay " feedback, the letter produces a ministry to stop approval this professional work, this means Ceng Yong to the world goes up network of the biggest paging and user group wireless paging " the old " will exit arena, also mean the public paging line of business that lived 23 years in China will with " euthanasia " means leaves the history!
Everybody waist fastens BP machine, one " have a thing you breathe out I " ever was 10 years ago most igneous catchword. Later, coil as the ground like mobile phone fierce wind the Chinese's life, the pager faded out of the line of sight of people very quickly. But do not know you to had thought, worldly have which kind of thing, can resemble machine of notify sb of a phone call in that way, affecting the communication way of contemporary Chinese large area ground, deeply? Accordingly, a primrose that passing Beep-Pager to be able to say is Chinese information age -- it is in breathe out a variety of colour while, oneself changed dust stealthily however...
First act
Gold years (1991, 1998)
Thematic word: Moneybags production machine
1985, chengdu telecommunication of stage of the first notify sb of a phone call appearances 126 times appear. Because the price is high,do not pass, just enter the life of Chengdu common people truly till the pager after 67 years. But new business chance is real however the ground is ecbolic Chengdu communication a street too rise south road, made a lot of individual bosses rapid become millionaire.
Classical camera lens: " sweet honey "
Relying on Chengdu is telegraphic at that time the Chengdu of the bureau too litre south road, be called at first " a street " , here collected inn of majority pager distribute. "Most begin, beep-Pager can sell a ritzy Han Xianxin 779 yuan, because money is smart,return, be about to buy still must hand in book a paragraph. Very fast nevertheless, chinese machine fell 889 yuan, but its profit still can amount to hundreds yuan, a hundreds of yuan number machine, profit also is in 100 yuan of above. Profit also is in 100 yuan of above..
Review rise, the hair family history that a batch of communication of the great reputation sell a tycoon today follows a pager to concern actually. Enlighten the letter connects the boss, wide Liu Donghai that bring a person, from Japan homecoming hind specialized in a pager to clean out the first pail of gold by right of 5000 yuan when come 1993. And ice of king of manager of Great Wall telecommunication, to Sichuan starlight paging held the post of chief delegate when be transferred to civilian work 1992, 5 years in southwest build 6 paging stage and network of 2 imitate mobile phone.
The earliest, the person that has opportunity of notify sb of a phone call changes ceaselessly the sort of contented feeling of clew sound, exchange mobile phone ring with present youth frequency exactly like. Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad director of some culture company mentions Chengdu all the more in those days the film " sweet honey " in the clue with a deep memory: Just went to Hong Kong before long matutinal, discover Zhang Manyu has opportunity of a BP, one face envies dawn the ground exclamations: "Wow, BP machine, you have BP opportunity! You go really! You go really!!
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