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Build call center to bring network rise in value
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Issue working benefit and efficiency to raise paper, reduce government cost and management cost, increase modernization management capacity, industry of lukewarm city cable releases limited company in recent years exploration issues new move, spend investigation to wait through satisfaction of reader of market research, client, the network of referenced and relevant industry runs a system, issue call center at building Zhejiang to visit first the press 2006, move more than one year to come, obtain remarkable result, industry of act of hair of the course of study that it is a newspaper can grow continuously offerred a technology to ensure. Call center emerge as the times require
Call center is one kind is based on CTI (Computer Telephone Integration, computer telephone is compositive) technology, make full use of the multinomial market of communication network and computer network is successful can, the computer technical application reachs in phone system, the complete comprehensive information that is an organic whole repeatedly with the database serves a system, a variety of rise in value that can achieve traditional manual telephone to be able to not undertake serve. In the meantime, to the company, build call center to be spent to improving client satisfaction, strive for client and even growth market share to have huge sense.
By 2005, living population of lukewarm city district 770 much, foreign staff 250 much, next administer 3 areas 6 counties of two city, competition signing up for course of study is intense.
Nowadays, people gets the means of information and channel rich and colorful, the habit that read and gets information produces change gradually, how the reader with the client group with mature hold together, new development, seek the group that circumfluence loses, this asks media is in not only run a newspaper old thinking should be broken through on train of thought, in issue go up to also want to have more substantial measure, more active service, more convenient channel, more excellent service, ability answers new challenge.
Since 2003, group of trade of cable of lukewarm city daily will each does things in his own way stage by stage " lukewarm city daily " " Wen Zhou evening paper " " Wen Zhou Metropolis Daily " " business signs up for Wen Zhou " issue incorporate together, establish lukewarm city daily to sign up for trade group to issue a center (now incognito for Wen Zhou cable industry releases limited company) , the emission that is in charge of 4 afore-mentioned newspaper works. Everyday newspaper circulation achieves many 80, and the hair linage of each media, issue area, layout to count all not identical, issue plus DM advertising, of the press proof order, retail and the reader investigation analysis of 4 media is waited a moment, workload is big and complex. The mass data that faces ask forring of year of every the end of the year to order especially is typed, turn location and complain a phone, if why solve these problems with the rapiddest rate, must want to a system will issue data and phone join to rise, receiving hear a telephone call while can undertake handling to publishing business, the network system that introduces modernization accordingly, build issued call center to become urgent matter.
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