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Call center has been being used hard
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A friend will be away on official business last year in November Xi'an, go to designedly before set out brushstroke money was put in credit card, will be in on December 1 when leaving a public house, credit card be announcemented had expired, look carefully, so the period of efficacy of the credit card in his hand will be on November 30, the awkward situation at that time is stated hard. Without doubt above all the mistake is in he himself, but how many person that hold card can notice the period of efficacy of own credit card again?
A fiducial commercial bank develops the area of Taiwan of a paragraph of introduction that marks so that ever had looked the film that client service center works. Their client service center, want to be in before place of the person that hold card holds credit card period of efficacy 30 days not only, undertake the phone informs, and still began the professional work that consumes an announcement above quota, if happen to support set blocking a person more than,take money amount namely or consume amount trade, bank client service center can carry a mobile phone immediately or BP machine sends a short message automatically to the person that hold card, earned a client to agree reputably. Under contrast, this friend holds some credit card, it is the credit card that a bank place that had opened client service center in the whole nation sends. Since opened call center likewise, why cannot the client service center that Na Jiayin goes want in credit card does he inform before expiring? This is not the problem that has call center, also not be technical issue, however rate of call center application and the problem of management concept.
Another my friend attends a meeting to Spain, the agitato when coming back sees the short message that designed reservation comes down on his mobile phone cease to me, that is the first short message that he arrives at Spain to open a mobile phone to receive, "Telefonica Movistar Wishs You A Nice Stay. For Help, call The Customer Care Center (609) . For Information&assistance, call 2424" , we can imagine body of guest of a distance manages foreign land, receive the feeling of a such short messages. Be afraid gladly feel telecommunication serves the difference between.
Developing deep administrative levels to apply is crucial
Speak of call center today, believe a lot of people are not new already, each manufacturers are to flaunt Total Solution more (comprehensive solution) , a year short, develop to what be based on Web call center from traditional call center, from the implementation of common speech phone to IP technology, numerous new technology gathers CTI domain, invite manufacturer, client plainting while CTI technology develops at full speed, have some of not know what to do again. Gentleman disappears, file of invite public bidding of business call center became CTI dictionary quickly, of all maturity, immature proper-noun is complete kind come up, a lot of enterprises forgot to build the original intention of call center however while pursuit technology is banner. Without doubt, brand-new technology does not represent the success of the project, we need probably more it is management concept and application of deep administrative levels.
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