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Use call center to realize cent to sell channel management compressed change
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Traditional cent sells channel, it is the following mode normally: Manufacturer à divides inferior cent of the à that sell business to sell business à user. But appeared in last few years a lot of new sale pattern, wear Er company to sold mode to gain brilliant success continuously especially, constituted grim challenge to traditional channel. Chinese area difference is big, economic base is relatively fragile, financial service step is single, the ideology of people is more conservative, the kind that because this is used,sells continuously is not real still to most enterprise. Cent sells channel compressed change, pull as far as possible close the distance with the user, this one new channel management way gets of more and more business fix eyes upon. Cent sells channel compressed change, shorten supply chain, reduce current cost, implementation gain is the biggest change the joint pursuit that already became a company.
Mention compressed change channel pattern, its advantage from need not wordy: Reduce gain loss; Increase product information diaphaneity, because current link is overmuch,avoid to cause information prediction of a person's luck in a given year; Turn the cost such as content shedding, service, inventory to partake by channel system this 3 large dominant positions let —— a lot of manufacturers are enchanted unceasingly.
Channel is compressed the characteristic with change strategy to have very important: Add a firm in great quantities the channel trade measure of ” of direct “ control, make a manufacturer right the administrative workload increase sharply of channel business, administrative difficulty increases, bring about channel business possibly to be spent to the faithfulness of the manufacturer drop. In addition, face the channel business of quantitative increase sharply, the manufacturer still faces more problems: Whether the channel management with active implementation, channel policy whether get be carryinged out thoroughly, whether the price war between business of effective control channel, string together goods to wait undesirable phenomenon a moment to be worn in test manufacturer, and what these elements are deciding a manufacturer greatly is compressed change channel policy whether achieve expectant goal.
In existing manufacturer compressed in changing construction, put in a ” of very apparent “ common fault: Pay attention to only reduce the intermediate segment with current product, what ignored iformation flow however is straightway. This makes while the manufacturer was coming true to offer a product quickly, efficiently to the user, cannot ensure synchronism to provide overall appreciation service however, the maintenance that changes like this locality, upgrade, compose builds plan to wait a moment. How to solve these problems? Build unified, efficient channel to contact a center, daily channel administrative job carries the channel that is established in company headquarters to contact a center to undertake centrally, the manufacturer each distinguish greatly company (agency) limited natural resources throws this locality morely to change rise in value go in the service, this can yet be regarded as a good settlement way.
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