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Phone sale will naturally welcome explosive type development in China
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Controlled the earliest 1970, phone sale is begun to develop by the United States, still be regarded as one of quite main sale pipeline up to now. According to the statistical data of association of American phone sale, the phone sale of broad sense of American native land market (contain phone sale, customer service) relevant production value is as high as 5 one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two dollars, and complete England has more than 5 more, 000 phone sale center, population of phone sale obtain employment amounts to 350 thousand person (data sources: Cca of association of British phone sale) . In Scotland, phone sale is the industry that local government focal point gives aid to more, phone sale personnel exceeds 46 thousand.
Chinese Taiwan area introduced the mode of phone sale earlier, the phone sale of Taiwan area only then controlled 1988, at the beginning with “ the phone sale of ” of a paragraph of type is given priority to, namely: From the contact the client arrives all the time clinch a deal, pass through a phone completely, mail or the fax is finished buy a program. Sale of first telephone call is applied to be on the sale of credit card, hind it is safe, because performance has comparatived, later slowly the commodity of enlarge and other banking product and other type.
“ is ten years ago, the insurance company that complete Taiwan is less than 3 is making phone sale, now is contrary, did not make phone sale to 3. Mr Li Xiangyang is accepting the expert of phone sale actual combat with famous ” " new sale " say when reporter special interview, “ is the closest, the ‘ of phone sale mode of sale of ’ of a paragraph of type more begin “ slowly on the job of attribute of business of ’ of 2 paragraphs of type, for example the business of clerk of work done outside the office, B2b, also have perfectly achievement is shown. ”
The applied range of phone sale is quite wide, had changed the phone of broad sense to sale from the phone sale of narrow sense now. Mr Li Xiangyang thinks, all the time since, the phone sale of mainland area gets the influence of a lot of element, did not get very good development, but potential is tremendous, wait for a domain in telegraphic, finance, insurance especially, future will present explosive type grow.
The development that “ phone sale is in the mainland most the industry that is valued, remain the industry waits in telegraphic, bank, insurance company. Telegraphic course of study been buildinging respective call center, begin to move toward a service to impose the new pattern of sale by traditional service, again with insurance for, the phone sale development in mainland insurance, 9 years the likelihood still is in recently fumble level, but more long-term in light of, absolutely meeting has volatile development. ” Li Xiangyang says, “ is with credit card industry again exemple, the emission of credit card met those who have multiple grow before 2008 in the mainland, such development provided the help that phone sale needs in database field place. ”
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