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Company strategy ought not to " it is a center with the client "
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“ is central ” with the client is a method only From go up at all tell, the strategy is a kind of plan that the enterprise runs target place some kind to undertake to reach future and ruse. So strategic manage should be the enterprise does well only the ” of system of a kind of “ that manage sexual method, it is measure of a safeguard. The primary purpose of ” of enterprise “ strategy or “ center ” , it is with interest of “ enterprise self ” is a center, is by no means “ is a center with client interest ” ! Of course, very much National People's Congress is told say “ client increase especially consummate ” , begin to consider issue of value rise in value hand and foot increasingly, be not “ incorrect ” ! is to say only, “ enterprise pays close attention to client interest ” , actually in the final analysis, because be below the pressure of the competition that put an amount of ” of increasingly austere “ supply exceeds demand,be only, the bigger gain that to hold long gain relation channel, with a view to did not come to, “ must not do it soon a kind of behavior of ” , what be the “ of consummate ” sheds the “ client interest of pure spirit level my ” is lifted loftily! If must say, some enterprises, some entrepreneur begin to consider the word of “ almsdeed ” really, that also is these enterprises had finished ” of “ primitive accumulation undoubtedly, overshot do poineering work existent difficulty, “ benefit ” to its already “ no longer necessary ” . This alleged “ existence decides recognizant ” , “ enterprise ” is the same as “ person ” same, theory of demand administrative levels also applies to “ enterprise ” likewise! But no matter “ enterprise ” developed which level, cannot change “ enterprise ” to regard an economy as the organization however, “ seeks profits ” remains the purpose ” with its the basiccest “ this one essential feature.
To “ strategy ” , emphasize “ origin ” be inferior to ” of purpose of speak bluntly “ ! If say the strategy is put in “ origin ” really, so, “ origin ” also ought to distinguish apparently for ” of ” of “ purpose origin and “ method origin two kinds big. And the promotion that ” of “ purpose origin ought to be enterprise oneself value without doubt. The promotion ” of “ client and its value is very important of course! But main point of the client, depending on “ client ” is the end that our enterprise manages, one is battalion of already of look forward to only is relied on or carrier, the business left a client to lose service boy or girl friend, will tell “ client ” from this is battalion of already of look forward to (also be company strategy of course) a inside all in all content, but the origin of “ purpose ” that it is not strategic management absolutely however, however origin of “ method ” , if must say “ is central ” with the client, the ” of value rise in value of oneself of seek “ enterprise is primary purpose, and the method that the issue of ” of value rise in value that considers “ client is battalion of already of look forward to only, at best also can be called only ” of “ process purpose just.
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