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Limited company of IT of electron of dimension of fierce Chinese-English Nuo
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Company brief introduction:
Limited company of IT of electron of flower Nuo dimension is enterprise of a when lead directly by province software guild new and high science and technology, set " Yingnuowei includes center of research and development outside software " , " great rich software is taught " and " great rich the Bao Jingying outside 2080 software is solid example project " , major is engaged in talented person of the bag outside software research and development and software developing the work. Its parent company is group of Wuhan great rich finite liability company, it held water in September 2000, it is one invests to be published with development, teaching material with establishment of rear services of higher education of run by the local people, college wait for educational investment to give priority to, it is with the project such as project of estate development, manufacturing industry, adornment complementary the industry group company that omnibus, diversity runs, show total assets 800 million multivariate RMB. Great rich group already invested in Wuhan in building south courtyard place gives birth to economics of business school of ethical college work, military affairs university of courtyard, Wuhan east the much place college such as institute of software of international of rich of lake cent school, great and apartment of outside school student, always cover an area of a face to accumulate many mus 2000, floor area is close 800 thousand square metre, student add up to more than 40000. In addition, group company returned investment to establish books and periodicals of Hubei great rich to issue east of limited company of science and technology of rich of Shihong of Beijing of finite liability company, Beijing, people (Beijing) book industry is finite liability company, it is Hubei at present the industry group that the province gives priority to body the biggest with industry of higher education of run by the local people, enjoy high reputation in the educational industry of Hubei province and even whole nation.
Great rich wraps project of elite solid example to obtain those who visit Information Industry office to support energetically outside 2080 software, of this project begin shorten after graduate of this year's college enters software company, become practical model the time of software talent, because this reduces software company to be mixed in manpower invite applications for a job,foster the cost on, also alleviate on certain level at the same time at present the obtain employment pressure of college this year's graduates; To be mixed domestic and internationally provincial the high quality that custom-built education is badly in need of business of the bag outside software is practical model software talent, promote development of IT industry whole, drive software company to produce better economic benefits.
Great rich includes the 3 big distinguishing feature that elite solid example plans outside 2080 software:
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