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The country believes negotiable securities Inc.
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Company brief introduction:
The country believes negotiable securities to hold to all the time " high-quality goods business ministry " the strategy, manager business is in lead position inside course of study, the company obtained stock fund to trade with 25 business ministries 2005 amount whole nation is ranked the 5th, it is before the rank 10 certificate the stockjobber with department least measure does business in business; Since 1998, the company is single of business ministry trade on average quantity and gain ability are successive 8 years the whole nation ranks count as one of the best; The company is business of a few manager can enclothe all trading the stockjobber of breed, business breed includes A, B, debt of national debt, company, fund, 3 board, of authority card trade service, it is the financial supermarket of be worthy of the name.

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