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Oily sunshine travels in net
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Company brief introduction:
"Oily sunshine travels in net " be by " in oily international travel agent " with " aviation of international of Beijing bay Er serves limited company " client of interior of a when establish jointly oil in be provides poor stay away from home service, exterior society comes loose passenger guest room is booked, airline ticket is booked, the conference is met, be subordinate to belongs to Chinese China oily group.
"Oily sunshine travels in net " efficient and the call center that owns home to precede, convenient network platform and secretary formula are advanced client director group, provide the service experience of homage for the member. Current, the network joins in hotel many 3000, cover 200 many towns of domestic and area. Airline ticket inquiry, book a service to enclothe home, international main city is all course. Travel goes vacationing the product covers line of domestic and international main travel.

Address: The city zone installs Beijing on the west heart road edifice of group of 112 China oil east 204 rooms contact: Number of invite applications for a job