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Beijing country tastes culture to expand limited company
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Company brief introduction:
The country tastes culture
If say China,now is economic flourishing age, what that China develops next is culture necessarily; If say Chinese disposition is aid of firm soft posture, that gold is Chinese moral integrity is indicative. The country tastes culture to develop limited company to be carrier with gold, combinative nation is major ceremonial culture (rich of Olympic Games, National Day, world is met etc) , apply tradition and contemporary and aesthetic idea to undertake designing, make, form contemporary " Chinese gold culture " and " contemporary gold cultural relic " high end is collected article; Hold battalion international concurrently at the same time the product such as handicraft of high-grade luxury and top class bullion, metal, adornment, headgear; Provide precious metal of proper motion design, production, wholesale, sale to collect tasted attributive.
The ad that the company has the 3000 seconds such as CCTV1~19 stage in the whole nation paragraph, have Anhui to defend at the same time inspect, Hunan is defended inspect, Beijing is defended inspect, Xinjiang is defended inspect, southeast is defended inspect, Henan is defended inspect, phoenix is defended inspect wait for nearly 20 to defend inspect media, period of time of ad of nearly 120 minutes of gold, at the same time the company is in " reference news " , " Chinese youth signs up for " , " the first finance and economics " , " People's Daily " and resource of media of newspaper of each province a gleam of, magazine, at the same time the company still has the national level broadcast such as broadcasting station of central people broadcast, central bandstand to broadcast period of time.
At the beginning of 2008, the country tastes culture to expand limited company, have the aid of is strong media, fine group cohesive affinity, be about to make platform of the sale in the whole nation's most capacious sky, for this we are searched sincerely have the passion, poineering associate that has outlook, will initiate China to collect estate jointly, create legend of Chinese next economy.

The country tastes culture straight answer sale

If you want to become straight answer the forerunner of sale,
If you want to become the person carry out of pattern of prospective mainstream trade,
If you are unaccustomed the working way previously,
If you want to do poineering work together with the company,
And the working mind that you have persistent and rich working experience, tough work to do poineering work passion, difficultly,
You should choose a country to taste straight answer sale, divide this to won't have the job that suits you more!

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