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Company brief introduction:
The letter tells investment management

Group company basically pursues trade the business such as commerce of investment of recreation of advertisement of travel, media, meal, finance, inside and outside, artistic gift. Scope of business involves multinomial field, the staff that needs to have high quality is joined.

Note of this second invite applications for a job:

1, this second invite applications for a job has multinomial post not to seek relevant work experience, can enjoy take firewood to groom plan. First-class staff has an opportunity to acquire company stock directly!
2, interview requirement: Record of formal schooling of high school above, the age is more than 20 one full year of life, live in Beijing 1 annual above.
3, the company is what employee offers favorable treatment and each Gao Shuiping to groom course. Social security welfare still can enjoy special check-up, fixed travel all readily, every year to wait.

Special attention: Because safety needs, the company does not accept the resume of accessory form. Fill in on direct net please, the thank cooperates! !

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