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The flow of 10 thousand divisions manages
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Yu Liang of general manager of group of 10 thousand families: We have “ most the standard of the bottom line, do namely simple, and rather than is done complex; Do open, and rather than is done close; Do normative and rather than to do tactics, just be long so only plan. ”
“ is in 10 thousand divisions, not be all moment ask inferior obedience is ranking, but it is all moment ask everybody is obedient however system. The interior of 10 thousand divisions has library of standard of a system on the website, from which we see, its system basically is the job how-to model, the content of system of that is to say is aimed at a thing, tell employee to encounter what thing how to should be done, is not should to He Ren ask for instructions. Normative system system makes interior of 10 thousand divisions very few the report of ask for instructions that sees numerous full of trivial details, improved work efficiency, reduced interior to trade cost. On the other hand, the ability that employee depends on working ability and also making is not human relation undertakes competitive. Come ten years, 10 thousand divisions are called the ” of military school of “ Huang Bu of Chinese landed industry, also be normative crystallization ” greatly.
10 thousand divisions begin the process of flow management
1) technological process of 10 thousand divisions manages a purpose to start: From Shenzhen 10 thousand divisions begin…
From 2002 Shenzhen 10 thousand divisions run a system to raise project quality and perfect and in-house project, in from which the advocacy of the project chief inspector that to Shenzhen 10 thousand divisions work and engineering department manager leaves the of great capacity, preparation advances the standardization of interior management and business flow in system of Iso9001 of project system have the aid of, this action got Shenzhen of Xu Hongge of general manager of 10 thousand branches support energetically. The interface of the dependency that considers each business unit and each branch concerns, the company decides to boost the Iso system that is based on flow management in all branches, by the vise general manager that the director always does Liu Rongxian is in charge of, the function that always handles increases flow and quality management on the foundation that waits in former plan management, information management, specific organization by at that time always manage a director director of Tang Ji poplar, do fragrant humble to be in charge of an organization coordinating by the ministry. The flow of other company or Iso item are main also later by always do an organization to coordinate.
2) the attention dot of project of administration of technological process of 10 thousand divisions: Comb and optimize flow
10 thousand divisions are starting Shenzhen when Iso9001 system, a lot of enterprises had adopted this system, include the company inside estate and construction industry. But although major company passed attestation, did not achieve expectant result however, more was to obtain a piece of letter merely, the employee of close half inside the company does not approve this one project, because this is in the process that pushs a project, the project comprises a more concepts that emphasize flow from the thought, the design that is based on flow and optimize will promote interior management the system. Flow is the base that organizes operation, a lot of employee are run to active flow not quite satisfactory, the hope can optimize the efficiency that will straighten flow to raise interior to move through flow, improve a branch to cooperate and be communicated between, especially sectional manager and director level.
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