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Cost and profit, control and promotion, before contradiction is medium row
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Cost control and profit promote, be like 2 lovely twins consist in any among commercial operation pattern. Let us talk about the relation between cost, profit, control and promotion from proceed with of call center industry today.
Current, domestic Call Center still is in primary level from ability of technical content, government and appreciation quantity, this is consensus of place of all of us, this shows, we from labor concentrated model to knowledge concentrated model still a paragraph of not short way wants. Should live however, progress goes down to must learn, drawing lessons from this is why home emerges in endlessly each are big award, the reason that delibrate, height can appear, the development of the industry and maturity actually as teaching children, if you are so true that you love your child, be about to look at him to jump into the hole in front, waiting for him himself to climb to share his adventure and mood with you, at this moment the child that you often can discover you grows rapidly, at the same time the maturity of the industry and development also cannot leave greatly small hole, although before we a string of 1000 cash to a few advanced management pattern, technology with the vocabulary that draw lessons from but or hard evasive problem. Take cost for control, the cost with the biggest Call Center is a person, is the first place that should rate the person's cost control category among administrative pattern so? Not be of course, cite a case, your Call Centermanager checks stuff with Gao Shuiping's Kpi, staff utilization rate is 95% above almost, but your service level is insufficient however 75% , your iteration dials just think rate scarcely will be low! Solve your rate is fixed very bad to look, your complain leading also is to leave all fronts to wave red not far. The problem of each Call backside just is controller actually people of should serious consideration, you have him rhetorical question, why is the user dialed again? Does the reason where? When we think with employee prate conversion everyday, when controller is controlling cost, also want conversion to think, the surplus value that spends indefinitely just is the only way that profit promotes. Call Center serves as Crm in the center very important one link, I think it belongs to service category from beginning to end. If your service is not made,reach the designated position, although a few percent promoted on profit this year, next year how? Brief profit and lot can not follow you to go together, but like having, the thing can follow you, the service that is a client then is experienced.
Cite the case of an ourselves enterprise, call Center signing up for course of study collects the set with Kpi index to go up to differ with other industry in data, it draws lessons from a few data of foreign that decide applicable namely very hard, when one the simplest is accepted namely, grow, it cannot be made with onefold business type than be opposite, when 2000, I ever had issued great power to learn the application of each index, the result discovers to be ineffective in the business that uses oneself signing up for course of study. Result can from data primitive collect begin, undertake year answer year data comparing is right, fall in order to sum up a premise that satisfying service standard, how much is when accepting, growing of news to all be worth after all? Be in this to all be worth premise to issued us to improve query skill, guide art of technology, word to weave how much can raise, can compare in the time of the corresponding period fall to be received more remove how many Call, raise utilization rate of how many staff, reduce latency time of how many client. I must say this is an as dry as a chip process, lucky ground is we return technical personnel to be able to be relied on. Above my place enumerate is a the simplest cost control procedure, because I found reason place, that is me want what kind of Kpi index requirement, assessment journalism Wu just is reasonable, personnel won't be received hear mad drop, the client also won't wait madly to drop. When these as dry as a chip data are effective really, you can discover to a benign loop is between employee and client. Basically the category that here is cost center, the cost that perhaps we pay is far want than what these surfaces look much a lot of.
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