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Case of sale of a classical phone
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Successful phone sale has 3 level, every phase needs corresponding skill:
The first phase causes interest namely. Cause line other one aspect of the matter the enough interest of potential client, be to do not have any opportunities below the circumstance that did not have fun at, also be the product that wants a sale without any meaning introductions. The control that the skill that this phase needs is conversational topic and apply.
The 2nd phase obtains credit namely. The credit that obtains a stranger inside the shortest time is the skill with excellent need, and of more mature individual character, begin to sell on this trustful foundation only, the autograph of ultimate goal — that just achieves a sale likely is made an appointment with. The specific means that the skill that this phase needs obtains credit namely and remove advisory action effectively to strive for be out of job authoritative position will thin effectively potentially the client's accredit.
The 3rd phase is profitable agreement. Win potential client in effective ground only the sale that to oneself the sober understanding premise of the problem leaves just is profitable sale, just also be the objective that the enterprise should pursue truly. The skill that this phase needs is demur be on guard and forecast, effective negotiation skill, foreknow the ability of potential problem.
The 4c in phone sale also must want to understand, 4c itself is not skill skill, 4c is the flow of a standard of executive skill, the phone salesperson with scant experience can be in earlier when according to this sale technological process is carried out, forgot this flow adroitly commonly later, but sale actual strength rose insensibly apparently however. The flow of 4c is such, confused client (Confuse) , wake up a client (Clear) , conciliatory client (Comfort) , the autograph makes an appointment with a client (Contract) . The first C applies in the first phase, the 2nd, the 3rd C is to apply in the 2nd phase, every 4 C apply in the 3rd phase.
The member that sell: “ hello, excuse me, is Mr Li Feng in? ”
Li Feng: “ I am, which are you? ”
The member that sell: “ I am regulations of department of service of client of Xx company printer, it is the constitution of company rules, the data that there are you here is recorded, the Xx company printer that your company bought last year, right? ”
Li Feng: “ , yes, right! ”
Constitution: “ guarantees period had gone 7 months, the condition that does not know printer is used now how? ”
Li Feng: “ is like you to had been maintained, there is not a problem later. ”
Constitution: “ is too good. The purpose that I call to you is, the machine of this model had been produced no longer, the following fittings is costlier also, remind you when to be being used, want as far as possible according to operating rules, had you read use manual when use? ”
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