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The class Wu type of domestic mobile company (fall)
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The author is going up an article is medium, summary home mobile company compares common number type a few kinds.
Emphasize again and again like the author, domestic mobile company faces the project that discharge a class in the most complex spend the largest word Wu model with the challenge, it is the disperse style with two heights very distant apart double peak model.
The author is in restatement the model of standard word Wu of Wu of industry of mobile company China:

From on the graph can see, in, have height of two words Wu, an at noon was controlled at 12 o'clock, one arrived at 8 o'clock in the late evening between 10 o'clock.
Mobile company solves China to go the method of model of Wu of this kind of word, the author always forms below a few kinds:
1, the whole world is connected, China mixes all right receive listen, because both word Wu model is complementary the gender is extremely tall, mix model of Wu of the following word to become flowing linear;
2, the whole world is connected, China travel, move feeling region to be divided into 3 words room to be received alone listen, use many short class to come to those who reach word Wu demand to plan to close, the average man-hour length of class Wu has 6.5 hours only, use Zhang odd-numbered days or do 5 cease the means of one, fill man-hour time;
3, branch business is received alone listen, come to those who reach word Wu demand to plan to close with many accident class, this follows the difference of the 2nd kind of means to depend on, use many senior class, and this kind of meeting length a class arranges the 2 rest that arrive 3 hours, those who be equal to a senior class to be pulled again is longer, was about to turn heaven and earth into the class almost;
4, Xi Li discharges a class with what lead first consideration, these mobile companies because seat number is really limited, all class Wu must consider seating purpose restrict highly, let the arrangement of class Wu, become limitation great, the author has been calculated, often add 10 seats, do not increase staff, service level rises probably 4 are nodded;
5, regular bus is preferential the platoon class of the consideration, these mobile companies are apart from the urban district because of call center further, yang Lai regular bus receives personnel height send, the arrangement of class Wu must agree with the arrangement of regular bus, the arrangement of this kind of mode to class Wu, limitation is the biggest.
A few sort that raise above, have places of these applicable to both or all below almost however:
1, branch group goes to work
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