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Muddleheaded the call center in manages (2)
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Wave from the United States these management that ocean crosses the sea to come are academic, excessive the service level that emphasizes call center, personnel examines way, did not put forward specific measure to answer back and forth however: After all what finger can show, at present this call center is in " groove " ?
The groove of call center
Inside call center, existence contradicts between each other and too much Kpi index conflicts quality, bring about call center to want to enter a groove, must if the result of a balance, cannot draw close alone toward any Kpi index.
For example " receive listen to a phone to know number " and " service quality " these two index, it is the index with each other contradictory conflict. The phone that you hope your customer service personnel is received has been jumped over more more, this meet those who make customer service personnel not self-conscious shorten the serve time to the client, not self-conscious hope client hangs a phone as soon as possible.
If you hope she provides first-class service to the client again, calculate you to spend investigation to restrain through client satisfaction, still be the index of a very difficult requirement.
The reason is very simple also, inside the index of call center so much, some we call strong index, some are weak force index. What is strong index? It is the index that customer service personnel passes through effort to be able to be accomplished easily very much, and nature of weak force index is expenditure of need of customer service personnel a large number of energy are likely the target that achieves not easily.
When the Kpi index that contradicts each other when two has conflict, strong index nature can guide the behaviour of customer service personnel, and the action since weak force index is met relatively lower.
Everybody is guessed very easily, receive listening to a phone to know number is strong hand, because customer service personnel wants to notice a little only, can tell more telephone calls. But oneself daylong service quality, rise and fall as oneself mood, very difficult each hour is controlled very well, but unluckily company the assess to serving quality, it is the means of sampling observation, I should speak one electrify one day bad only, want that one to be smoked only, my service quality mark is met very low.
This kind of state of mind of customer service personnel, can infiltrate service quality naturally weak force index.
One mixes the means that used strong index and weak force index to check call center performance, actually customer service personnel draws close automatically toward strong index, the main strong still index that is equal to you to be assessed just, the from square field surface index that is not him imagination has become balance consideration.
This also is why if director of center of call of proposal of my constant regular meeting decides to want receive listen to a number when this kind of super and strong index includes assessment, want very careful consideration.
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