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Part expectation is worth -- the strong opponent that client satisfaction spends
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Introductive: Receive first this period what the feeling when the theme says should not be how difficult issue, the heart below Dan Jing will just discover expecting to be worth administrative ” about “ is a how deep topic. With respect to “ itself of expectation value ” is told involve applied maths and psychology 2 colleges division. Run “ expectation cost ” to be put in however about company operation look on this level, involve again quantify a lot of problem such as management, very those who rejoice is, review 5 years of clients to show loving care for a when ” spends about “ enterprise satisfaction on congress to discuss, let oneself find to cut a point eligibly, with everybody cent is enjoyed about the part expectation value and business client satisfaction are spent between undercurrent is billowy.
Above all, letting us understand expectation to be worth is a what kind of concept. In applying mathematical machine to lead statistic, expectation value can explain for: To one random phenomenon in, expectation is worth (Expecation, or weigh Expected Value, mean) , representing the part of the variable size in random phenomenon. To one random variable character, because cannot grasp the magnitude of random quantity, we just want to one delegate is worth, expectation is worth even if regard as the delegate value of random variable, expectation value resembles is the core that random variable distributings, the likelihood of random variable is worth, dispersed the left and right sides that is worth in expectation.
Yield the example in the life seeing in light of us, understand “ to be worth ” looking at a value further.
For example: We send share in the life, namely 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, the machine rate that face of 6 every 個 gives 現 is 1/6, we set random variable to state the spot of check the number that appears possibly looks at a value,

the management of call center emphasizes quantifying, emphasize data, believe we saw one spot from inside the life example of above! Because data is clear, an objective numerical value can give out if computation is proper. Have very great help to our real work.
Everybody asks an attention, in computation, I chose “ proper ” it is easy that this word comes, why? Because my computational object in the world in the client is not a share,the machine that every face appears is led, also not be OK the expectation of emersion check the number is worth however animated the person that has individual character feature. The advanced animal inside nature, reason this concept that we must understand next psychology to go up again, namely “ part expectation”
The part expects (Role Expectation) —— society or it is individual the expectation of a group of mentality that should have to place of some society part and behavior characteristic. Part expectation is not the detailed list of a few behavior, included the total of acknowledge, affection and manner however, it is a complex set. Look from psychological angle, the functional body with part individual to the person expectation makes in it the travel emissary of the part understands its right and obligation now, should show why to plant behavior, manner and idiosyncratic; To social side character, the part expects to have the quality that forecast, provided the basis with interactive society.
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