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Muddleheaded medium call center manages ()
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We will discuss a bold subject, namely: The Kpi that call center uses generally now manages, it is to come from the administrative pattern at abroad, but this means, the hair that does not apply to China truly actually develops form.
Country's major call center is among contradictory administrative method, should want to face this dilemma, beginning what to ponder over just is the kind of call center management that attributes China truly.
This piece the article will try from a new theory: Muddleheaded management learns, will try manage to give a bit main threads of an affair of this problem.
What dilemma does domestic call center face now?
Will visit home first at present center of call of bank credit card.
The author this paragraph of time, organic meeting visited center of call of credit card of a few big banks, discovery does not have service level to be able to achieve the director's requirement almost.
The phone is hit be illogical, it is very common phenomenon, the client abandons leading can be as high as hundred 50 sometimes, serving a level is more far under the acceptance to the client.
This lets the author think that paragraph of time that was in the United States 1994, the writer left company of a software to be in new York, our company was bought a few HP and health the computer on the desk of 100, but the problem that should have the computer only needs to make customer service telephone call, hit forever be illogical. Get through of our technology personnel, can enter await endlessly, but every other 1 minute, system of customer service of the other side can broadcast speech again: Should wait to be pressed please 1, if this moment is not pressed 1, the system has not enough time in you below remedial circumstance, can broadcast speech immediately: The system did not get your reply, the patience that thanks you waits, be in next time please incoming telegram. Our technology personnel is forced to taking ear a surname, do the business of other at the same time, should press at any time at the same time 1, otherwise the phone is met by hang up.
The United States is network times just comes in those days, computer product is gigantic grow, center of call of far outclass of business growing volume is OK susceptive quantity, when big family belongs to call center experience, hit forever namely be illogical phone.
The credit card center of domestic banking, also encountering same question now, height of credit card business grows, and the serves ability not to recall electrify word far growth of call center is measured. A bank in crossing 5 big visits when the author remembers spending the New Year last year, a day of their phone has word of 200 much electrify only, when passing year of author to look around again now, one atmospherics word has been as high as word of 20 thousand much electrify, grew 100 times.
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