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Wrap outside monitoring of call center quality
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See a news today, say North America appeared the trend of the bag outside monitoring of a kind of quality, and the result is right.
The profit that the bag outside quality monitoring brings basically has the following sides:
1, make sure reasonable monitoring is measured finish, the monitoring that because call center hand is not worth place to cause,solves measures inadequacy, have seasonable feedback and training problem hard.
2, those who assure monitoring is durative with seasonable sex. As a result of dedicated at quality monitoring, what run other side without call center operation is disturbing, business is wrapped to be able to ensure the seasonable sex of the monitoring of monitoring and feedback effectively outside.
3, the objectivity that assures monitoring, the acceptance that improves employee degree. Because be monitoring of tripartite independence, avoided in-house monitoring to appear easily partial or bias problem.
4, because call center increases sexual issue,solved. Fluctuate and expand quickly of personnel dimensions of business to be able to cause the agile increase and decrease of pair of monitoring personnel demand, the bag solves this problem well outside.
5, additional, call center also can wrap business to do client quality to evaluate investigation at the same time outside the requirement, those who realize in-house quality evaluation and client quality evaluation is comprehensive contrast.
Quality needs watchful issue after the Bao Zhi outside monitoring job:
1, the staff that shares quality monitoring work so (basically be squad group leader) should put more energy in the feedback to employee and skill skill coach on.
2, call center wants fixed with outside the corrective work that includes business to make quality monitoring standard.
The technical kind that quality monitoring achieves includes outside:
1, exterior batch measure
2, build Vpn network, undertake operating to switching equipment system directly.