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The phone sells the flow management in the project
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We can see same telephone call sells a project to be in different company sometimes operation performance is having very big difference, although the product is same, the price also is identical. Why can you produce this kind of situation? When we sit to think over silently, our discovery differs at all so depend on running technological process, different project government technological process created such result! The definition that providing Cheng of the convection on a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties is " flow is a group of when be input changeover output resource related each other and activity " (graph one) , flow management is to pass through of whole industry, it resembles a chain the enterprise a departmental door, each link is strung together together, flow in order to form efficient, perfect job. Below the circumstance of identical input, what design as a result of flow is different, what bring about output result necessarily is different. Such we understand not hard why similar product, same price can have such big difference on sale success!

Graph one:

Of flow statified

On the management of call center, the politic fractionation that normally people can run whole operation becomes strategic management, manpower resource management, flow management, technology to manage 4 administrative levels, in fact of flow nowhere disappears pass through on these 4 administrative levels. Just think is identical the member enter office newly of quality labour, groom through differring flow grooms the effect after coming out is different for certain, no matter be which respect,cannot leave effective flow government accordingly. It is the partial technological process that when carrying out a phone to sell an item, will involve below (graph 2) , we the operation administrative levels according to flow is ordinal decompose for business flow, child flow, activity / behavior and operation are normative 4 administrative levels. The output result of administrative levels of below one class will affect the output result of administrative levels of on one class directly, will affect the operation positive result of whole project finally. There once had been the lesson of this respect in professional career of the author, before item of sale of a certain phone begins, as a result of oversight the attention that deserves to send to content shedding, climb successively when sale when rising, discover however deserve to send ability to cannot cooperate, as a result cannot send goods in client hand inside affirmatory time limit. Although took lash-up step later, but the operation performance that many client is complained and cancels goods to still give whole project brought negative effect. The project because of this one efficient operation must make careful plan before the project begins, unship of layer upon layer cent goes to will all job and the problem that face, in order to form the most rock-bottom operation standard. These operation standards make project circuit medium most subsection, build step by step when these cornerstone after rising, the operation performance nature of the project got the abecedarian was ensured.
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