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The key that promotes call central government depends on promoting the skill of
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Form in new enterprise vendibility in, intangible assets place occupies scale to rise considerably, the enterprise created the mode of value to produce fundamental change; Customer concern, product and service innovation, efficient of system of high quality business flow, IT before the high quality of look up sex, employee " intangible assets " the mainest basis that has become contemporary company to create value. Call center industry is economic society enter a kind of when be central times place to appear with the service new industry from the times that is a center with the product.

In a few years of in the past, call center develops flourishingly with breathtaking speed in China, information of basis plan world (Ccw Research) roll out recently " 2004-2005 year market of Chinese call center studies year reports " , 2004 a total of chair of Chinese call center 140 thousand, chinese call center threw 20.5 billion yuan 2004.

A huge sum that serving a system invests, make whether is the operation system that the enterprise pays close attention to service system more and more amounted to send ultimate company goal, pressing hope can establish effective administrative mechanism, it is OK to build business accounting and the client service center that fills benefit; Below the circumstance that inchoate customer service center enlarges ceaselessly in portfolio already more and more the requirement that satisfies an industry hard.

The change quickly of IT is ecbolic the call center that gives progress of more high speed grows sexual enterprise, the call center of contemporary company already from a simple phone handling center, development makes much communication medium of communication, it is in order to consider customer service Wu this, omnibus " client contact and service center " . Information is mixed more quickly newlier quick, more wide also extensive mixes the limits of the service comprehensive. Platform of more and more customer service center had been in the enterprise before the business transplanting that ability of bar, site, branch begins undertakes to customer service center, make its rise to take the effective tool of Wu to begin company core, the union with company business is more close together; Customer service center also transfers to be mixed for the information center for profit center, enterprise from original cost center work up gradually assessment center.

Everybody be obvious to all, call center industry of China from illuminative also have only to now short 7, 8 years of time, and call center industry of China is inside so short time almost the development course that high speed took foreign call center a few years; In the process that the company grows in high speed, if decision-making error, in-house misgovern, business mode is adjusted not seasonable, can drop chasm, throw next cliff! And the call center of tall growing sex often suffers a setback the most easily; The fact proves, in process of call center development if cannot be improved actively, perfect management pattern and administrative method encounter trap inevitably, must exit from the market even, a lot of well-known call center companies experienced China and foreign countries inevitably short-lived bitter lesson!
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