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Production value will surpass industry of the bag outside Chinese software this
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"Industry of the bag outside Chinese software has made full use of late dominant position, from simple software technology the service changes value catenary to high end, predict to formed the dimensions of more than 4 billion dollar 2008, will form industry of the bag outside software ' Chinese mode ' . " Wang Bin of president of Bo Yan science and technology was attending the bag outside Chinese software a few days ago development expresses on mode seminar.

The theme is " hind the China of the Olympic Games " annual meeting of 2008 association of Hua Yuan science and technology were held in American California Silicon Valley a few days ago, the field includes outside regarding its as key topic software " Chinese mode " get attention fully. China wraps industry gain to a man of virtual and ability Wang Bin of president of science and technology combines the practice experience of oneself on invitation outside the oldest civilian battalion software, analyse and commented on the opportunity that the industry includes outside Chinese service and challenge. He thinks, the development bottleneck that course of study makes a production contract outside Chinese software is high-end talent shortage and information safety legislation is unsound. Shortage of advanced project manager makes the company continues hard the order of value catenary high end, and intellectual property protects let an enterprise lose a lot of chances again imperfectly. Additional, property right and equity trade of the mechanism do not perfect the pace with fast and outspread course of study of the state-owend enterprise in also was being affected.

Wang Bin thinks, experienced developed to the high speed 2005 2001, the bag outside Chinese software tends maturity and reason. Opposite at India, "Need inside enough " and " late dominant position " the unique opportunity that is Chinese software company. The outlet of the enterprise depends on looking for exact location, do essence of life strong. In the meantime, the government also should give aid to the industry grows, strategy of executive country brand.