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The working result of a customer service delegate: The company teachs me " infal
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One, the bagatelle beside is made

"To 12 o'clock! " , heard somebody to cry, work in the same placing stood in succession to went outside the door. Farfetched bench, askew table, when we just took a company, this grooms namely after the end, grooming the setting that stays in the room. After rising, the bench that should take oneself returns time former; Came off work, shut computer, shut monitor, put away clavier and mouse. Already worked in the company I of half an year, these had made my habit now. The company is joined first, the manager organizes the ceremony such as a few formal, sitting position that we groom, those who make we had to pay attention to bar is good and germinant. Go up many times when night shift, see the manager that issued a class is in will put irregular bench put away, the side shuts monitor without the employee that puts out computer monitor, does the clavier on the desk and mouse each place deceive of lotus root of midge of  of dispatch of  of octogenarian of  of lossen soil with a hoe? Is Xi of tan1huan4 of bursa of the  that blow put down joyous? Let me know: Want to had done a business, be about to be made from the bagatelle beside!

2, like obtaining, the thing is about to abandon another type thing

Our monitor often says " before getting same thing, should you know to get such things what should you abandon? " this is a word that he likes most, also be a very reasonable word. When we often are doing some business, always have such and such nag, always saying " before me. . . . " , " at the outset. . . " , because we are done not have well go thinking, when doing these businesses, be met and is what kind of difference before, we want to had been done, when getting such things, what thing will we abandon? Resemble our job, in the phone we want enthusiastic, polite, have patience; Perhaps very can fierce, willfully make a trouble still can be in the user even scold you, you very very grievance, angry, do not think rehear he talks, contend for after all with him even! Do you want to do good work? Want. Do you want to do a first-class customer service to represent? Want. That is about to cast all these, see our alternative clear, because we think,had done this business.

3, mutual help progresses each other

A fellow says, all of us helps mutual progress each other euqally with respect to brotherly sister. He is minutely before can make 30 words only, but we have type ace is minutely achieve 98 words, highest achieve 120 many words, how big difference! Below this kind of circumstance, our type ace types hers the result tells and coach us, we type a few ruder people, also urge opposite party each other, now our type speed had very great progress. In assessment of first time professional knowledge, highest cent does not have on 80 minutes, our come to an agreement or understanding must have been taken an examination of next time, before receiving assessment the 2nd times, we learn together, in the book dry disappeared, be in harmony of its Le Rong, the place that does not know studies together and consult a squad leader. Our achievement is better and better, now our cask already can mount more water! Now our cask already can mount more water!!
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