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It is information feedback mechanism of the center with the client
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It is a center with the client, it is easy to say, it is very difficult to do:

The business can control product quality strictly in manufacturing segment, can achieve 6 Xigema (the standard of 6 Sigma) , but once the product enters consumer hand in, the enterprise did not command force, may give an issue as a result of various reasons.

Our everybody is consumer, how does manufacturer handle an issue so, we care how solve a problem most, also be test an enterprise how him look upon credit when, if an enterprise sells a product when very active, and gave an issue however not actively is solved, inevitable meeting makes consumer disappointed. So is HP in is this respect how do? Remember in those days when we carry out intellectual management, once had encountered a such problems.

At that time, because we have a lot of product line, every product line has corresponding technical support and client service department, to provide seasonable service to the client, each product line built client service center, through 800 users free hotline provides technical support to the client. Because be put in 800 many telephone number, some users encounter the can not see each telephone number carefully division of labor when the problem, choose to be hit casually however.

Because division of labor is different, the telephone call that the client calls appears likely such problem: Does soft-shelled turtle of show off post have black doesn't Wo of the Huaihe River of room of dark graceful the Song Dynasty have spade of  Ping  to cut Zhi Huangcan Mi of ⑾ of  of Xi of defect χ  into parts to make an appointment with sweat Yan to appear Li smile to do not have  of Lu of crafty of ending  of  of В  armpit is  soft-shelled turtle of to joke of bovine   embraced?

We once had made investigation of a client at that time:

So how to solve this problem effectively? We established a quality group that steps a branch, the delegate that invites each client service centers attends, the expert that still asked field of a quality management serves as a counsellor, assist them to analyse a problem. We sit to analyse together:

What does the possibility that causes these problems have, subsequently, we list the link that all possibilities give an issue come: Hot Xie does not have chasm of cheek of  ü  to mire mansion of Qi  doubt climbs  standing tall and upright to do not have? of harmonious of Jiao of  of rice of column of  of extensive of arm of  of Qi of  of  of appropriate of mystery of column of  of б arm extensive for instance the user knows the phone of certain employee is called, hope personnel assists turn receive, but some employee are not clear turn to where; for instance the user is called through 114 directory inquiries, and directory inquiries tells an user with respect to the number that registers the company, these number may not are appropriate sectional; for instance the user sees number of hotline of a certain sales promotion is called, and this number is not after service branch, such, altogether summary came out the 4 link that give an issue possibly to 5 kinds.
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