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Center of 2008 China call and BPO year mass rally - speech record and wonderful
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Center of 2008 China call and BPO year mass rally are oily in Shanghai big public house concludes satisfactorily. Come from call center and BPO industry cross a state 500 strong represent with well-known company, user, operation business, the firm joined to spent grand meeting second year originally on behalf of nearly 2000 people. The grand meeting of industry authority year that this second congress is coached exclusively as call center and BPO industry by the Information Industry, below the guidance that produces ministry software and integrated circuit to promote a center in the letter, in sponsor network of information of square call center and BPO trade (Www.51callcenter.com) , formal assist do center of square China call and orgnaization of BPO industry alliance, industry of the bag outside Chinese software and news service is allied, shanghai call center and wireless paging association, below the main collaboration of committee of major of Beijing call center, obtained consummation. Call center and network of BPO trade information carry numerous industry Ju Qing, the call center with newest whole world and posture of BPO estate development were shared on congress, revealed respective and newest product to reach undertake case is analysed. AVAYA, cisco, aspect, dialogic, grand abundant times, small achieve macrocosm, hong Chenggao new technology, 800 fly fly, constant gives birth to an electron, teleperformance, VXI, VCS, jabra, far pass communication, the aid of 20 manufacturers coming to the home such as health border electron gets together, present analysis of numerous trade case and solution for present honored guest, shared call center and trend of BPO estate development to everybody, reach client relation to manage (CRM) , phone sale, phone sale, the case that waits for a respect is included outside business flow.

This the theme of congress is " call center and BPO, the economy of Chinese burgeoning industry in rising abruptly " , the female thing of leader Wang Ping that comes to stimulative center of self-confident software yield a ministry and integrated circuit is in the speech the positive effect that develops to call center and BPO industry to this second congress offerred sufficient affirmation, hope call center and network of BPO trade information are in call center and BPO, had developed call center industry 10 years to relay add is acted in China especially take the lead urge action. Chinese call center and the theme that chairman of orgnaization of BPO industry alliance Mr Yan Xiaobin shares are " achievement 1000000 firewood handler, the Chinese call center in rising abruptly and BPO industry " the high attention that the speech got honored guest attending the meeting, everybody understands the distinction of center of call of China and foreign countries and BPO and opportunity morely, understand the bright foreground that is in China in this industry, understand the tremendous profession opportunity of this industry contain.
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