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China (Asia-Pacific) optimal call center is in Beijing grand coronate
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On October 16, 2008, beijing. Optimal call center chooses Asia-Pacific of ” of large award of Ma of Jin Er of “ of center of 2008 China optimal call and this year prize-giving celebration is held ceremoniously in Beijing. Lady of branch of dimension of music of chairman of chamber of commerce of electron of director of advisory committee of expert of informatization of counselor of the State Council, country, China attends ceremony and to obtain Asia-Pacific the coronate of unit of bear the palm of large award of optimal call center; Come from Asia-Pacific customer service and call center alliance association chairman collective attends all member country with subordinate APCCAL. The spot is star-spangled, occasion is enthusiastic extensive grand.

Optimal call center chooses this year Asia-Pacific to reach each institute organization by Asia-Pacific customer service and APCCAL of call center alliance, limits involves Asia-Pacific area the call center orgnaization of more than 10 countries and area. In be as long as the evaluation of 10 months passes a data in link evaluation, phone is dark visit, into door make an on-the-spot investigation, the filtration that the link such as expert appraise sth through discussion undertakes item-by-item and appraise sth through discussion. Pass multiple choose, center of bank of electron of final Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, fly fly business affairs seeks advice (Shanghai) service center of client of firm of mobile Zhejiang of limited company, China wins special honour on behalf of China.

Held with field in advance Ma of Jin Er of “ of center of Chinese optimal call is big 2008 the prize-giving celebration of award ” . This award be supported by national industry and informatization ministry government and maintain, the CNCCA of guild of center of national level call of Chinese only is sponsorred, only conforms on behalf of China Asia-Pacific area year is chosen, it is industry of Chinese call center the selection activity of highest norms.

Call center is the career that backside of a sound delivers care, delegates of tens of 10 thousand banquet adorn professional ear Ma provides a service for the client, they are called by whole society affectionately ” of angel of “ ear Ma. The window with current prize-giving the largest ritual is to pass industry media " client world " “ sea chooses ” , come from a banquet delegate of a gleam of to become “2008 (Beijing) the figure delegate of ” of congress of Asia-Pacific call center, it is grand ceremony to drive prize with his distinctive and bright industry characteristic in prize-giving celebration spot. Come from in the center of the Gu Weiying's associate professor of Thespian institute presents as leading role with folding Chinese Kunqu opera " peony wells balanced " turn the evening party to the climax.

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