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accept sweeps past shadow and impression of European call center
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accept sweeps past shadow and impression of European call center

Information of ” of forum of height of center of call of ——“ whole world

Civil / hope graceful

By April, beautiful sunshine warms warm bath is worn the mediterranean of stretch to the horizon, gentle breeze blast, those who blow is a picture that is permeated with strong summer. Coconut tree sways, the tree shadow of dancing is mirrorred go up in lily cobble, ocean wave is flapping gently dock, bank, let a person can't help wanting to ask: Still have so tender of great capacity? Here, it is the —— of littoral small town with French famous south accept. The personage inside the course of study of 450 call center that comes from 41 countries gathers together, witnessed the whole world here forum of height of center of the first call (of CCGF) hold.

accept is returned early in 19 centuries initial stage is a silent and anonymous small fishing port, cross Buddhist nun of false bethel —— with the noble outside Cheng of half hours of car this having great difference. Although Napoleon headed a small unit 1815 from ell cling to the island escapes exilingly land here when France, but which have the emperor that the those when those engraves the beautiful scenery here. Till 1834 the advent of an England chancellery, just brought real opportunity for this fishing village. That year of Buluemu a feudal title of nobility conferred for meritorious service (a lot of money that Lord Brougham) is taking his body to lose passes offer, head for Italy. The Yinnisi on the road is choleraic and popular, border is blocked and of short duration takes this place. Who knows this one small live to make he fell in love with here beauty scene however, then he is built here removed a villa. The VIPs that will make an a government official residing away from home subsequently is increasing, even Victoria empress also comes round to hibernate, when her son Edward 7 worlds when, accept more enter flourishing period, border of sea of the foot of a mountain, build newly look, modern society, group if hasten ducks, have say never-failing is flourishing riches and honour, live a luxury and dissipation life.

accept, with the temperament of the elegant ” in its “ grace, famed at the world. With area of other blue coast leisurely and comfortable and quiet different, although also have the palmy tree that bright sunshine plays azure and attractive coasting and French southern part, but accept more resembling is a gregarious and ceaseless city, there will be sponge tree red-letter day every year in Feburary, there will be international film festival in May, additionally still division of section of international boat race, international music record, sensitive plant section waits. Set foot on the star highway of accept, the film division palace that comes to the side of the coast (Palais Des Festival) , namely the spot of this second CCGF congress.

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