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Asia-Pacific call center is allied (APCCAL) - big talk conference
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Big talk blows the Asia-Pacific wind since
Center of —— Asia-Pacific call leads on-the-spot report of force height forum
Civil / hope graceful
The tropical storm of Hainan just abandons an island and go, people is thick as hail, of the Nanhai that lets China bead immediateness restored vitality.
In October 18-19 day, repose in provincial capital on the west at the door hall of house of new state guest, a pair of banner is drawing the look of everybody
——Asia Pacific Contact Center Leadership Forum (forum of height of leader of Asia-Pacific call center) .
Asia-Pacific 10 countries / area, in all the chairmans of institute of 11 call center answer institute of Chinese call center (CNCCA) invite, assemble in
Chinese big talk, participate in Asia-Pacific jointly forum of first the most large-scale, ritzy other height.
Review phylogeny of world call center, what Bencihui discusses consequence is big, those who involve country and area is wide, and driving whole
The contribution of the call center development of Asia-Pacific area and prosperous respect, can weighs without precedent in history.
CCAS of TCCDA of HKCCA of chinese mainland CNCCA, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australian ATA and CCMA, Singapore, imprint
Spend Ni Xiya ICCA to wait in all the leader of institute of center of call of 7 Asia-Pacific area participated in conference delibrate. In CNCCA drive
And initiate below, each association decides consistently to establish “ Asia-Pacific customer service and ” of call center alliance (Asia Pacific Contact
Center Association Leaders) , the collaboration between the call center institute that involves Asia-Pacific area and play of communication general affairs are gotten
Guide action. Other chairman of institute of a few states because temporarily although the circumstance fails to attend that day the conference, also stated they are active respectively
Share delibrate and the passion that develop this alliance and determination.
Call center industry knows a personage Ge Saiwen (Simon Kriss) the gentleman chaired conference delibrate on invitation. The association that attend the meeting
The problem that leader develops with respect to professional work of center of Asia-Pacific area call and communicates the collective care such as the mechanism undertook sufficient delibrate. The conference
Make the first resolution after holding water: Unanimous decision held plenary meeting of center of call of the first Asia-Pacific in Chinese Beijing 2008.
The conference is in the house of big talk new state guest of scene charming and gentle to hold, and got Hainan saves the height of people government take seriously. Hainan province
People government deputy secretary-general Mr Wang Yangjun attends a meeting speech, and fete feasted each country honored guest. Hainan saves industrial economy and information to produce
Deputy director general of management board of communication of province of trade bureau deputy director general Ms. Wang Jing, Hainan Mr Ping Yizhen, Hainan saves Chen Qiong of vice-chairman of total chamber of commerce lunar daughter
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