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The policy that new trend and China include outside Sino-Japanese software servi
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[Summary] Japan is the software hair Bao Daguo on the world, the main software that also is China at present delivers packet of state. After entering new century, japan is right China collaboration of the bag outside software presents an a series of new trend: Right China the bag outside software service develops by coastal upcountry; In China the pace that establishs center of software research and development is accelerated; Right China the scale that development includes outside software service promotes ceaselessly. China is Japan's oldest software accepts packet of nation, accordingly, in the course that includes market development outside Chinese software, we still should choose to extend the policy that the market includes outside Japanese software actively.
(in Beijing of classics comment · ) China already was become 15 years continuously draw the developing country with most foreign capital, but absorb foreign investment, foreign trader to invest the index such as the proportion that holds whole society to fixed assets invests and occupy GDP to look directly from average per capita, china absorbs a foreign trader to invest still under world average level, put in larger development space. After entering new century, china absorbs the means of foreign capital to produce change, the bag outside the service already became China to absorb a of foreign capital new field. Wu Yi of Vice Prime Minister of the State Council is interviewing attend attend investment of the 10th China International to negotiate when nearly 100 transnational corporation of the meeting represent, say: "The bag outside the of all kinds service that carries on to be given priority to with transnational corporation will become China to absorb the field with new foreign capital, china carries on positive innovation condition the bag outside international service, what business includes outside hoping transnational corporation regards his as the service China is main carry on the ground " .
The main component of the bag outside the service is service of research and development of software, technology, IT to wait. Business is included outside the software that China carries on, was 630 million dollar 2004, was 920 million dollar 2005, was 1.3 billion dollar 2006, income includes outside integral software 60.1% come from at Japanese client. The main software that Japan is China delivers packet of state, china is Japan's oldest software accepts packet of nation. After entering new century, japan is right China the bag outside software begins to present new trend. The article is the general situation the bag outside serving to Japanese software, Sino-Japanese of a new trend that cooperation includes outside software and China answer strategy to make discuss.

One, the bag outside Japanese software off shore develops general situation

Japan is big country of world software production, its production value resides the world firmly all the time the 2nd. In the world the Japan in business of 10 old software has 2, the Japan in firms of 10 old system software has 3. The total production value of Japanese software industry was 78.5 billion dollar 2003, 10.49% what hold total of global software industry. Sale of Japanese Information Industry amounted to one hundred and twenty-two billion two hundred and seventy million dollar 2005, software is about from personnel of course of study 570 thousand. Software industry of Japan has the actual strength that comparative, have own intellectual property mostly.
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