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Jinan municipal government produces the opinion that industry grows about promot
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File date: 〕 of?007 of mystery  ⅰ 19
Issue date: 2007-07-30 13:58:55
Effective date: 2007-07-30 13:58:55

Each county (city) , division people government, municipal government is departmental the door:
To seize the opportunity that rapid development includes outside international service, fast health develops property of the bag outside service of stimulative our city, offer following opinions now.
One, improve knowledge, the contractor outside clear service makes target and development focal point
(One) the value that recognizes progress of the bag outside accelerating a service adequately. The bag outside the service is the new form that current international industry changes. Carry on actively the bag outside international service, develop property of the bag outside the service energetically, it is to accelerate our city and international economy to conform, the serious content that breeds international competition ability, it is the important way that optimizes foreign trade of economic structure, change to grow way, it is to develop the contemporary service line of business, significant move that enlarges social obtain employment energetically. The bag outside making good service works, open to the outside world to promoting an our city further, promotion city is integrated economy of competition ability, implementation can grow continuously have important sense. Various each should improve knowledge about the branch, study significant step seriously, the bag outside pushing a service actively works.
(2) specific work target. Showing level basically is to carry on international (off shore) business of the bag outside the service. Through introducing a batch domestic and international large outside bag business, foster business of mainstay of the bag outside a batch of this locality services that have own intellectual property and own brand, construction forms growth rate fast, carry on ability wraps an industry to take outside the service of Hua Dong area that sex of wide, dimensions collects area of strong, radiate, build Jinan city of base of the bag outside making the service that has certain international competition ability hard.
(3) affirmatory development key. Current, want dominant position of oneself of Jinan of base oneself upon, it is breach with the bag outside software, expand IT service, finance, safe, wealth energetically all sorts of business such as center of development of meeting, medical treatment, advisory analysis, scientific research, after service, call are wrapped outside flow. Scope of business is included outside be being extended further, the bag outside the industry such as stimulative finance insurance, government sector, communal sanitation, manufacturing industry serves. The technical content such as development of analysis of management of risk of exert oneself development, finance, scientific research is wrapped outside the service with tall, additional big cost.
2, demonstrative division is included outside establishing a service actively
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