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About sale of phone of normative property insurance company special product deve
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2007 〕 of 〔 of the hair that keep watch 32

Each property insurance company, each protect inspect bureau:
Phone sale (report of " of the following abbreviation sells " ) it is the mode of new-style business sale that appears in the development on base of traditional telephone service, have to the development of insurance market promote action actively. Report sells business is it is main communication measure with the phone, network of have the aid of, fax, short message, mail, transmissive wait for auxiliary means, pass insurance company number of special phone sale, contact directly with insurance company name and client, use company automation information management technique and specialization moving platform, of product of the insurance that finish recommend, seek advice, condition of quote, guarantee slip confirms the professional work that waits for main sale process. Some property insurance company sell business characteristic in the light of report, the insurance product that already was used technically at report to sell channel to sell in active exploration development (report of " of the following abbreviation sells special product " ) . Strengthen innovation to encourage and back property insurance company, maintain stability of system of value of the product between each sale channel, interest of cogent protection policy-holder, insurant, stimulative report sells business health standard to develop, act on the fundamental that high starting point, standardization and system change, the concerned demand that sells special product with respect to development of property insurance company, sale and administrative report now informs as follows:
One, the mode of sale of a kind of innovation that insurance company report sells business is direct marketing. Insurance company can sell channel to be offerred to the client through report seek advice, quote, receive report a case to the security authorities wait for a service, also can sell the insurance product that the meeting that keep watch is approved or puts on record via China or report to sell special product.
2, insurance company report sells special product to be able to be used at accept insurance only the individual business of dispersive sex, be not business of dispersive sex individual and blame report to sell channel to must not use report to sell special product. Head office of each insurance company ought to sell special product to execute unified program and management to report, the product that shuns each sale channel produces conflict each other on the price, service, ensure report sells business health to develop in order.
3, insurance company must with selling a form continuously, sell mode to manage report to sell special product independently through report, must not entrust, orgnaization of employ insurance intermediary or report of sale of other and exterior professional orgnaization sell special product, the row in getting the running expenses that sells business in report pays the intermediary fee such as poundage.
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