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International industry move reachs Chinese the way to deal with a situation
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International industry move is to show certain property passes a variety of means such as international trade and international investment to change the course of another country and area from a country and area.
The main characteristic that current international industry transfers
1 . International industry adjusts move to be changed to new and high science and technology increasingly, the service changes directional development
It is the industry of dominant, new and high technology that is core with IT and biology technology with the developed country, become the focus that industrial structural adjustment shifts. In the meantime, the line of business of service of the finance of the developed country, safe, estate, business affairs knowledge that serves for production is concentrated model the tradition such as industry of the commerce of burgeoning service line of business and developing country, hotel, transportation and newsletter line of business serves industry, make the main trend that serves estate development severally.
2. The division of labor between international industry, division of labor inside international industry increasingly to the division of labor inside international product outspread, move of international industry structural adjustment reflects the adjustment for link of the working procedure inside international product and move increasingly
According to theory of working procedure division of labor, can differentiate link of value chain rise in value to be mixed for technical segment, production segment sale link. International product working procedure adjusts and transfer expression to be: In system of value catenary division of labor, give priority to body with the developed country, to research and development by manufacturing segment design and brand sale link are transferred; Give priority to body with the developing country, in producing segment by downstream production segment (the treatment of terminal is assembled) upstream produces segment (the production of crucial component) move.
3. The mutual investment between the mutual investment between the developed country and developing country, make the two old main way that international capital flows increasingly, the developing country has the transnational corporation of certain international competition ability to start the converse industry move to the developed country already
" the world invested a report 2006 " show, global FDI was flowed into 2005 for 916 billion dollar, flow to a developed country to be 542 billion dollar among them, occupy the 59 % of gross, and 90 % is the mutual investment between the developed country, basically center in industry of new and high technology and burgeoning service line of business. South Asia, East Asia and southeast Asia area flow into FDI to be 165 billion dollar, occupy the 18 % of gross, among them 65 % belongs to the mutual investment between the developing country, basically center in the manufacturing industry such as car, electron, iron and steel and petrifaction, the transnational corporation that the developing country has certain international competition ability is initiated already undertake to the developed country the industry is transferred. The area flows into Xiyade 34 billion dollar, 3 what occupy gross. 7 % , basically center in oil industry; Africa is 31 billion dollar, occupy the 3 % of gross, basically center in rich. Latin America and Caribbean area are 104 billion dollar, 11 what occupy gross. 4 % , among them manufacturing industry occupies the 40 % that flows into FDI, service line of business occupies 35 % , agriculture and excavate course of study occupy 25 % .
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