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Accelerate development to serve industry
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Since reforming and opening, since joining WTO especially, our country served course of study to obtain great progress: Village head leaves rose to interlink a supermarket, financial business did on the net; The consumption that brush card, shift gets online, the daily life that the new-style service means such as electronic business affairs is walking into Everyman. But, service employment is total offer up a sacrifice to be not worth, the structure is unreasonable, service level is low, the aspect with not strong competition ability has not gotten fundamental change: The inconvenience that buy food still is perplexing community dweller, ticket service line of business includes productivity to serve sex of course of study, life to serve course of study, science and education a lot of industry such as career of Wen Wei society and domain, its develop a standard is to measure contemporary socioeconomy to develop the important sign of degree. Current, the service line of business of world each country increases a value to occupy proportion of gross domestic product to achieve 60 % above on average, main developed country is to achieve 70 % above more. But 2006, our country serves course of study to increase a value to occupy the proportion of gross domestic product to be 39 % only, not only under the developed country, with in the average level photograph of 43 % compares low income country to also have difference. The proportion that serves industry labor obtain employment to occupy total obtain employment is far also under international average level.
Line of business of our country service is backward have many sided reason. A few places value development industry too especially heavy industry, insufficient to developing service line of business to take seriously, create class of service line of business development of not complete, place is lopsided; And industry doorsill tall, control phenomenon of much, forestall is serious wait, also be the main factor that causes service line of business to lag behind. In a lot of service industry, in the absense of sufficient competition, "Alone I am one, do not have semicolon " , the enterprise often is depended on in the market monopoly position, can score enough gain, serve supply quality so poorer, price is higher, the development that controlled service line of business expands.
In national modernization process, serving course of study to make dominant industry is inevitable trend. Accelerate development of service line of business, conduce to advance economic structural adjustment, accelerate change economy to grow way; Conduce to alleviate bottleneck of shortage of the sources of energy, resource, raise resource to use efficiency; Conduce to comfortable new condition is opened outside answering, whole of implementation comprehensive national power is jumped litre. Current, life of our country dweller already achieved well-off on the whole, those who consume a structure change and upgrade, right communication, travel, culture, recreational wait for service industry to accelerate development the requirement is pressing. Accelerate development to serve industry, can offer the rich product that contented people life needs, become induct urban and rural the main channel that increases obtain employment newly. This also is the underlying demand that resolves harmony of problem of the people's livelihood, stimulative society. Accordingly, we must enhance development to serve the sense of urgency of course of study further.
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