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Department of Commerce encourages the bag outside expanding a service to be brou
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A few days ago, department of Commerce holds an informal discussion in Beijing, represent will new to course of study making a production contract outside the service fixed position clearly, wait for development of the bag outside making a service relevant urge kind of policy. Bureau of trade of the classics outside city expresses about chief, our city should cogent hold world economy new the significant opportunity that round of industry transfers, carry on actively move of business of the bag outside international service, enhance an our city to carry on the competition ability of the bag outside the service, progress of economy of stimulative our city upgrades ceaselessly.
The bag outside the service: New heat of round of move
Current, the Bao Yijun outside international service is protuberant, the management of developed country transnational corporation specializations with each passing day, they serve logistics office, customer in succession the bag outside the business of Wu, business affairs, business such as research development, advisory analysis gives burgeoning developing country, make become gradually new industry of round of international transfers heat. Market of the bag outside the whole world with annual 30 % , the speed of 40 % increases by degrees. Authoritative orgnaization is forecasted, did not come 5 years, the bag outside the off shore of station of American white-collar work will amount to 30 % , to 2010 the traditional IT business of 25 % will flow to the developed country India, China and Russia.
The bag outside the service, be Chinese development the contemporary service line of business, one big breach that raises benefit to use foreign capital level and favorable opportunity. Current, the development that course of study makes a production contract outside the service already caused the height of country and various government to take seriously. Begin from last year, department of Commerce already was started " 1 million projects " , namely " 915 " during, city of base of the bag outside 10 services will be built in the whole nation, business of the bag outside driving 100 world-renowned transnational corporation to serve its turns to China, those who breed 1000 to obtain international aptitude is large and medium-sized business of the bag outside the service.
In March the middle ten days of a month, department of Commerce is held in Beijing " a certain number of policy that encourage and course of study makes a production contract outside service of supportive China development " informal discussion. On the meeting, foreign capital of Department of Commerce manages director Li Zhiqun expresses, the fixed position of the bag outside farther clear service, the specific policy that development includes outside encouraging a service is made on the foundation that limits an idea clearly, the package outside the service business includes foreign investment industry directive list encourage kind, include national support and assist property of advantage of province of main target place, city its directive catalog; Want to create the essential condition that the industry grows, in supply and demand of current person with ability contradictory and outstanding circumstance falls, through be being offerred by the government public service is mixed groom the means such as support alleviates contradictory, increase an enterprise to breed strength at the same time, include to pass international attestation to give capital to give aid to to the enterprise, drive a country to develop a bank to establish project of the bag outside exporting credit insurance company to be large off shore to line of credit, stimulative China only to offer service of project credit insurance to wait; Continue to increase the protective strength of intellectual property, the microenvironment of intellectual property and individual information protection is built in base city.
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