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Business of the bag outside India is in meet low induct
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Global financial storm is opposite via affecting already Euramerican outside bag relatively the Indian IT job that count, show according to concerning a number, workload of company of the package outside India decreases, many Indian enterprises been decreasinging firewood to cut down the member of persons employed. For instance tower tower reference service company (Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. ) begin to reduce the firewood fulfil related employee and outstanding achievement from Feburary 1.5 % come 2 % . But, tower tower did not do subtraction only, also regard as the crisis at the same time meet low inducted auspicious opportunity.

Tower tower announces recently will buy the logistics subsidiary Citigroup Global Services Ltd that India is stationed in below division of beautiful flag group with ready money of 505 million dollar. , from this this is bought can see, this India wraps an enterprise to be able to use the capital crisis of others very much outside the oldest software, acted as already " Baiyi's knight " also scooped up for oneself Dashihui -- tower tower still carried on to spend flag group at the same time 2.5 billion dollar, by a definite date includes a value 9 years outside the technology of half project, the service will be offerred through Citigroup Global. In the meantime, the market also hearsay, wipro company is considering contest mark Lei Man to support platform in Indian back end.

The market is bad, the bag outside India is not inactive wait to be treated actively however. Under photograph comparing, what is business of the bag outside the Chinese software that very prosperous, outspread ambition expands 9 years ago doing?

We are not clear! Because close any paragraph of sound that there basically are them on time market. But OK and affirmative is, these basically rely on to eat " Japanese meal " , minority has " American meal " business of the bag outside China, the day won't compare have an easy time of business of the bag outside Indian software for certain -- they report only the good news, this is formal they are collective " without language " reason.

Pardonable also, chinese greater part includes enterprise scale especially small, gain is small, estimation is anxious for bread right now, which have energy to make long-term plan so like business of the bag outside India?