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Financial storm includes a property outside concussion India
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Although Indian all circles thinks from beginning to end, this banking crisis should be less than western country far to Indian influence, but of Indian stock market steep fall continuously the panicky mood that made clear the people however. In the meantime, indian inflation also makes a person anxious, will climb again in August litre to 12.63 % . Under high inflation, indian Central Bank is added ceaselessly breath, successive 3 quarters executive coin is constrictive policy. And according to Peng Bo the company reports 20 days, the exchange rate of Indian rupee had dropped since this year January 19.1% , mirrorred the aggravate that financial crisis affects.
Because the open degree of Indian market is opposite inferior and introversion economy proportion is larger, because this gets percussive industry range is narrow. Besides Indian shareholder, most disturbed be afraid should be software engineer of Banjialuoer, to hypostatic economy, be known as the software industry of Indian star industry, will make the trade that this the crisis inflicts heavy losses on above all, its frangibility has been shown gradually.
According to estimation of association of Indian country software, as a result of Indian IT industry year of gain of 40 % come from serve trader at global finance, the 61 % that the product includes outside its are carry out past United States, the market of 30 % is in Europe country, suffer the effect with queasy finance, business of the bag outside Indian IT will be located in heavy disaster area, the loss cannot avoid. India is main software tycoon already reappraise the gain circumstance this year, think Indian software industry the integral gain ability this year will drop 5 % come 6 % .
In Indian macroeconomic, the tertiary industy such as software, finance, travel, meal (service line of business) specific gravity has exceeded 50% , look from this angle, india had achieved industrial structure upgrade, industrial structure level is close to to level of medium developed country. In this among them, software industry is the dominant industry of Indian service line of business, carry on it is important that outside serving industry, the development that serves industry to India is wrapped to have urge action.
Industry of the bag outside Indian IT is pounded, chain reaction will produce in a few cities. Business of export of software of Indian great majority is centered in Banjialuoer, Bombay and sea Delaba, only the half above that software exit of Banjialuoer occupies whole India software to export, the among them big company of 10% owns the market share of 90% . Although industrial assemble effect gives Indian software company outer package reduced on business trade cost, developed more and overseas market, ecbolic relevant industry of place, but fall in the concussion of financial storm, negative effect diffused quickly other sphere.
Financial crisis of the United States lets India outside bag business is hit. Will report on October 19 according to associated press, banjialuoer is the city that India has internationalization most, but be close to overly with the United States,also let this city lie the brim that economy breaks down. Banjialuoer is young immigrant everywhere, their majority pursues IT technology job, gain rich and generous income. But, be forced to cut cost further in succession as American company, reduce the scale of production in India, IT company of India is facing painful prospect.
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