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Call center serves the set of horizontal target
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One of crucial performance index that serving horizontal goal is most call center and technical support center. This one index measures incoming telegram client to be in with Yu Heng of alignment when long. Be based on an industry fiducial investigation data, the service level objective setting of most call center is 80/20, namely the incoming telegram of 80 % is respondent inside 20 seconds. Additional, still a reaction answers the index of speed, be called average and respondent speed (ASA) , fiducial value is 30 seconds or 30 seconds less than. The purpose of the article depends on elaborating the understanding of methods of pair of calculation of this one index, and how should the different result that the specification produces to place of different statistic method understand.

Serve a level measuring is science

Typical automatic call dispatching system (ACD) measure a method two kinds when when can providing alignment of client incoming telegram, grow. The first kind is service level, the definition is the phone call of hundred X, be received to listen inside Y second. If center of a call achieves the incoming telegram of 80 % to be received to listen inside 20 seconds, the client that means 20 % awaits 21 seconds in alignment at least. How many does the client that we know to wait to exceed 20 seconds in alignment have, but we do not know these clients awaited how long.

Another measures index is average and respondent speed (ASA) . When awaiting on average namely, grow, it is an average, denominator is client of all incoming telegram include those who enter alignment to mix did not enter alignment, the industry is fiducial for 30 seconds less than. If the 60 % among client of 100 incoming telegrams are received to listen immediately, so when awaiting, growing of these 60 clients is 0 seconds. Let us assume the incoming telegram client of another 40 % enters alignment to await, when awaiting, grow to differ to 300 seconds from 1 second, when awaiting on average, grow for 60 seconds. So, in alignment always when long for 2400 seconds. This one word will be come by client of 100 incoming telegrams average, average and respondent speed namely 24 seconds. This one average and respondent speed is not met bona fide report gives how many person enter alignment, the client in alignment waits to have how long. It is an overall average only just. (yes, each other did not contact these two index, and below the circumstance that be measured in certain call and grows when average processing, same period of time is reached among them, and reaching another also is a likelihood. Besides these two special at call center of respondent speed measure index beyond, call center still has very much Xiang Heng to measure index. )

Serve the clever part of water counterbalance

Want to evaluate respondent speed truly, still two elements must consider, namely: Have calculative method, and the time-interval that has statistic.
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