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Zhang Lichun of center of Jiangsu shift customer service: Qiao escapes Guang scu
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Came 5 days on April 3, 2006, center of 2006 China call and plenary meeting of client relationship management are in center of Beijing international conference to be held ceremoniously, it is memoir of K4 theme speech below: Zhang Lichun of vise general manager of center of Jiangsu shift customer service -- flow and constituent capacity

Zhang Lichun: Each each colleague, guest everybody good afternoon! I want those who thank us to sponsor above all unit and assist run an unit, my today's theme is " flow and constituent capacity " , this is the summary of my past experience, main purpose is to be able to follow everybody communication!

Introduce above all, we organize ability and individual ability this, did yesterday when discussing, somebody raised a question, "If will check my stuff? How should I do when staff capacity is insufficient " . The face discussed the issue of an organization capacity and individual ability here, the face hopes everybody can change the method that sees a problem here, individual ability comes that is to say integrated whole ability, see the organization has what capacity even conversely. Individual ability is to show the basis is individual of existence, for example what my this individual does what thing is very marvellous, but when he leaves this organization, this organization lost this ability, it is individual ability. Organizing ability show the organization can be had, be not the ability that rely on some each body and exists. Be the formal presence that shows a gender, say we say the ability that how builds an organization so, this ability is duplicated very easily, what my A does is very good, those who changed a B to be able to do this thing likewise is very good. Present management transferred greater pressure to employee, we are told how to deliver capacity to employee, whether does the organization have this ability to deliver capacity to employee as. Say we basically discuss constituent capacity and individual ability today so. Put forward a setting to this problem, a few experts explained a lot of technological process this morning. Whole now practice can say everybody is explaining technological process, how will understand technological process? What kind of effect is there?

We will see unsuccessful case, the case that there is the failure that a lot of people become now is very much, but everybody goes to succeed afore now do, discussed why to can fail. Discuss there is Mai Ken stannum inside most person, more typical is solid amount to, obtained millions of. Same the general merchandise that he did well of Beijing king government office, we know it also is very successful, le Baishi was spent 12 million very successful, kang Jia is such. Here, when everybody is talking, solid amounting to is him himself, he just is being driven the mistake gave when carrying out, solid the sale that amount to and the need that sell a team to cannot get used to a program to turn management, because of the basis that changes without the program. And our very much business he tries to be in short-term inside realize his flow give somebody a new lease on life, there should not be the mistake of flow inside this, however what we do when the fact is handled is not very reach the designated position. Controller is hired to create a result, I do not ask the process that you will come to to adjust me. This is Jiangsu shift rolls out " flow is optimized " project. (PPT)
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