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He Jinming: Male favour of travel of elder brother of Chinese Cao of Cou of Qiao
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97 regression, somebody jubilates, somebody is piteous. Come 10 years, hong Kong although harships of all previous classics, but still gorgeous and dazzing. When returning to 10 years of arrival, review the major event that call center industry goes 10 years, plainting this industry by flourishing, feeble to transition while, more make people serves industry future to the call center of Hong Kong confident.


After zero hour will pass on July 1, ensign of People's Republic of China and division of division of Hong Kong special zone rise, china regains sovereignty of pair of Hong Kong exercise formally. Return to this one year Hong Kong economy is vigorous, the call center of author management for absorbing ability, the customer service that enters office newly amounts to 12 thousand yuan on behalf of monthly pay, but talent market still is to offer little at begging, each call center still lacks manpower.


The enterprise begins to take client relationship management seriously, large call center also introduces the technical cooperation of CRM and CTI, but the technology of the CTI at that time still immature, fail to develop comprehensive and due function. The Asian finance storm after regression grows in intensity, to this year more see insanity, the economy of your annual appears first negative growth. In this the moment of truth, the investment redound that the enterprise builds to call center takes cautious attitude. Center of a few notify sb of a phone call falls to also begin transition to do because of the end of course of study of notify sb of a phone call outside professional work of package call center, dispatch of the dispatch that be like embellish, Yi Bao, beautiful. Of the same age, hong Kong telecommunications (after was being bought 2000 more the name is filled with for telecommunications division) also join battlefield, market of center of call of the package outside making lets a hundred flowers blossom.


To large call center character, major servicing still is given priority to with breathing out. The enterprise has the success of sale of feeling abroad phone, also develop with active outside the telephone marketing that breathe out. The customer service of call center represents the talented person that also is much skill by onefold skill transition. A few call centers that still give priority to in order to serve, begin will outside the telephone call that a few major include outside the phone sale that breathe out sells a center. Of the same age in September, institute of center of Hong Kong client holds water, this blame seeks profits the tenet of professional orgnaization is to assist an enterprise actively to use first-rate government means and with advanced science and technology, the service that improves its client center thereby pledges element and whole are behaved.


Because Tom.com is doing poineering work board the successful raise capital by floating shares of the market causes branch network upsurge, a few do B2B, the burgeoning company of B2C business also builds the net that gives priority to with Internet to go up oneself in succession interactive center () of center of the 4th acting call. Of the same age, branch network after bubble blows up, the company that a few with branch network concept hype do poineering work closes down in succession, appear the call center of a lot of empty buy. Of the same age in October, institute of center of Hong Kong client holds large award of first optimal client center.
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