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See the lash-up step of call center from avian flu
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Hong Kong " prohibit coming loose the new law exemple that raises fowl " already will have go into effect on Feburary 12, formulary citizen is made clear to cannot raise the fowl such as chicken, duck, goose, pigeon, quail, turkey in the home in law exemple, breach of rules person will be in accuse with corresponding amerce and check. Begin from last year, avian flu is in Asian grow like a weed, because chicken, duck makes the person affects the case of illness of avian flu to had exceeded 100, at present avian flu is inbreaking global each district. With compared last year, the dangerous sex with new-style eruptive flu increases increasingly, mortality of the patient after coming on is as high as 60% . Till,rise now March, still be the high risk period of avian flu, the individual wants the individual sanitation related special attention, the lash-up measure that should perfect a person to catch paroxysmal avian flu further works with concerned prevention and cure, break out mechanism of epidemic situation lash-up soundly, implement each safeguard measure, prevent epidemic situation to continue to travel to the mankind.

Call center is the working place with a concentrated population, keep running with the working way of 7x24 hour, also be one of tall hair ground that disease of of all kinds infectivity travels. Of 3 years of SARS eruptive, the harm that apparent report gives industry of domestic call center to be brought to paroxysmal incident fails to make judge and evaluate quickly, well and truly. The author ever sent toward the call center of Beijing branch to make precautionary use at will carrying much box guaze mask from Guangzhou 3 years April, but the administrator ignored as a result of local call center, ability that does not understand precautionary knowledge and devoid crisis management, SARS ill epidemic disease is contracted because of one employee after bringing about, and your whole call center is forced to close reach segregation; What what I hope is to return those who have a backup to assist a center to do reserve, just make client service is able to maintain normally. See the author be in the call center of Guangzhou and Hong Kong management again, banquet is numerous and employee number passes 1000, because already had done all precaution to control the job beforehand, executive partition keeps apart management, if the employee of every business area wears the guaze mask that appoints color, area of different color guaze mask works cannot span at will other area; Divide outside reducing personnel to be contacted too much, make good environment everyday healthful cleanness and examination; Education of propagandist epidemic situation and the imitate exercise that do good lash-up measure are strengthened to wait inside call center, controlled the contagion of the disease effectively thereby.

Home is very much now the call center of differently city has the company centralized run, so the profit that make is resource benefit is reached optimize management, but the supports a center construction that often some of enterprise ignored an each other to be backup, brought about thereby when paroxysmal accident or serious system breakdown, fail to restore part or full service effectively. The author manages 4 years in Guangxi one outside one sudden episode also experienced when including call center: Build in flourishing a sector of an area as a result of a banquet of call center some single office large building, support a center without what install backup, meet place one that year to sponsor by chance one large internationally activity, local government the safety for high official of protective foreign guest, close many traffic road, your citizen goes up on time, come off work to suffer an effect greatly, a lot of call center employee cannot return working station in time during Feng Lu, make regular client service fails to get be maintaininged effectively.
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