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Yuan Daowei: Vulgar of goody of heir of the sliding weight of a steelyard of Fei
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China grows the fastest industry to run relevant field for call center and client relation at present. Because be almost from a few years before from 0 begin, the company goal photograph that administrative person is expected to achieve in number and experiential lack and them is compared often disproportionate.

Show according to the data to the end of 2000, call center goes in a banquet gross of inland annual bottom already achieved 80 thousand, speculation can amount to 100 thousand above to the end of 2001. According to this computative, the director of call center should above 10 thousand plan, the manager may have 2000 above, and general manager (with be in charge of 200 on average banquet calculates) due 500 above.

Administrator current situation

As a result of call center arisen be in last few years thing, most person is in this one be not worth from already check two to 3 years. This among them most person does not have the direct experience of a banquet delegate completely again, and the administrative characteristic according to this group, direct experience is one of sth used to one's own advantage with be engaged in supervising the work the most significant.

In the meantime, the industry of this group course of study is normative, resource is very few, be a banquet personnel setting besides CTI forum website and minority groom extracurricular, receive the information that handler can use newly, intellectual natural resources was done not have almost. I often receive the incoming letter of need introduction data. But besides the website, I am honest list of neither one Chinese can be offerred. First-rate means is to pass Yamaxun of course mail-order of inn of net submit a written statement to a higher authority. But this is unworkable to most compatriots.

Many administrator are from the market, IT or groom wait for a domain to turn to call center. The excellent understanding to the person and administrative ability need in, the height of logarithm word is sensitive, correspondence uses the field of technical achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject, if cannot make up for difference quickly, with the communication fault that banquet represents can be formed. This also is one of reasons that the general employee small satisfaction in why diffusing in a lot of business call centers at present spends a phenomenon.

A lot of enterprises are doubtful also to the action of call center calm, or because of a large number of investment cannot decide redound and sway, center of call of credulous perhaps " should be profit center " and the profit unit that asks call center becomes independence highbrowly. Leader of a few industries perhaps is at a loss to call center, fixed position of business of constant perhaps change and measure a system, let call center manage a person not know what to do.

Travel owner wants difficulty

Whole society still lacks the proper understanding of characteristics of pair of call center industry at present. Industry sex is organized at least nonexistent, sexual standard makes the industry also cannot be mentioned. Cannot find a professional call center to run a magazine. Relevant industry still also is done not have almost like database sale market start.
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