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Call center services to the second tier cities are from the urban development
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Week Frequency: In fact the two are to avoid this problem, one is to ask my client area, there is off-line rate, this is the two concepts, I am very satisfied, or leave you, we turn the second , States carriers operate call for the status and trends, national call center operators, how to look at the services? I'm so to speak, we are operators of China Telecom, China Telecom is China's largest call center outsourcing service provider, our market share in the most authoritative statistical seen for two years, probably about 25%, that is, four one of the seats, so you say we are a call center outsourcing operators are not wrong, talked about this trend, we see a lot of reports every year, many industry-leading equipment suppliers to communicate with us, We see several trends in technology. For example, we can see that Peter mentioned just now on the site of interaction, in fact, how to undertake the WEB, this is also including call center, this technically is no problem, but the actual situation with the actual operation, this demand can be ignored. Call now or in the main the main technically, I like to share with the two business models concern the way, this change is very interesting, a call center to the major development now, just talked about a few thousand seats centers now not new, we see that local governments, but also to see trends, building a number of valleys. In fact, a large-scale call center outsourcing base, this is a very interesting trend, and indeed the agent with the call center industry is relatively high turnover rate of members of a relationship, we also need to bring together the call center staff in a timely manner to solve the updating problem. The second important trend is gradually to our call center work to cheaper destinations call transfer, well known in the United States a large number of outsourced call center operations to India, what happens in China, the call center to the second tier cities from urban development, call There is a line with center of this technological trend is in addition to large call centers, there is diversification away, we based on IP technology, this trend is obvious.