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FDS debut of the fourth Summit of China financial call center
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: Continued October 4th international channel of China Central Television 4 sets of news reports to the Global 2010 Best Contact Center and CRM Contact Centre Awards and International Standards 4PS 2010 release After the ceremony, the call center and BPO industry information network (51Callcenter) association with the Chinese call center and BPO Industry Alliance (CNCBA) guidance, 4PS Contact Center ISO support, Amoy people call centers and call center network and service outsourcing Management (CCMU) Co 2010 (fourth) China's financial call center and BPO Summit November 18 in Shanghai and more than 300 financial call center managers attended the conference, call center solutions provider well-known FDS grand debut this conference and share with the industry the latest technology and solutions. It is reported that China was founded in 2000, the FDS for the FDS Networks Group Ltd. Set up a branch company in China, but also FDS Networks since 1996, a continuation of doing business in China. FDS Networks Group Ltd. As a regional professional networks and integrated voice and data systems and services provider. Headquartered in Hong Kong. After 20 years of development, the current distribution business in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Kunshan and so on. And in 2000 listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX). FDS is a focus on the diversification of the call center industry systems and services solutions provider, dedicated systems and services, including the U.S. Verint call center operations management solutions, including audio / quality control, layout management, performance evaluation, speech analysis , seat seat surface analysis, e-training; U.S. Aspect unified contact center integrated information platform; U.S. ININ hybrid integration of the company's CIC VoIP contact center solutions. Currently, the company has been in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, with offices and services in the Chinese market, including financial, telecommunications, insurance, consulting, manufacturing and other industries.