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Call center market value of up to 44.8 billion yuan next year
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IDC recently released projections that continue to drive demand in the market, the next year, the total call center market in China will reach 44.8 billion yuan. Call center industry in China since 1998, after nearly a decade of development, the scale has been formed and has applied to several industries, involving a variety of businesses. In 1999, the call center industry ushered in the first peak period of development. Telecommunications and financial industry is a leader in this period. In 2002, after the call center industry entering a period of development, more emphasis on Operations Management. Second half of 2004, the construction of enterprise-class call center demand was robust growth trend, which ushered in the call center industry in China the development of the second peak, the call center by the enterprise-led development of the second peak will will be long and rational. 2011 call center market in China will reach 44.8 billion total. From China Call Center market, there are three main features. First, the implementation modalities of the variety. Not only can satisfy the self-built call center customer service, telemarketing and other needs, outsourced, hosted call center is currently being accepted by more and more enterprises. Second, the diversity of solutions. Respond to the needs of different industries and is broadly divided into switch-based call center solution, card-based solutions, integrated solutions for the three major categories. Each solution of the occupied part of the call center market in China, with their different strengths and weaknesses. Third, the diversity of applications. The use of call centers mainly from the initial incoming inquiries, complaints and other extended to the outbound telemarketing, collections and other services. Stimulating new business development call center software. Meanwhile, the call center IP telephony applications makes the development of more flexible and have produced endless applications. Call center equipment from China market size and future development trend of the angle, in 2011, based on the switch will account for 83.4% of call center; card-based call centers will account for 13.8%; call center based on an integrated unit will account for 2.8 %. Exchange programs suitable for large call volumes and large-scale call center. As China's large population base, call volume call centers in other countries is unmatched. So from the start, the program switches always occupy the vast majority of China's call center market share. Suizhao switch technology continues to improve and develop, its stability and reliability of a substantial increase in switch-based call center solution will remain the mainstream of the market and increase market share over the forecast period.