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Ctrip reelected in 2010 China Best Call Center Golden Ear-Mark Award
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Recently, 2010 China Best Call Centre "Mark Golden Ear Award" ceremony held in Beijing. After 2009, the Ctrip reelected again in 2010 China Best Call Center "Golden Ear-Mark Award." Meanwhile, all members vote by the jury, Ctrip also received the only award of this highest honor - Jury Prize. It is reported that, as a leading integrated travel services company, Ctrip has the world's largest tourism call center, call seats over 12,000, more than 5000 service personnel for domestic and international business travel and leisure customers with all-weather, year round one-stop booking service and value-added services. Jury that Ctrip service call center with 2.0 tool, through the Balanced Scorecard, 313 indicators of quality defects, sector analysis, KPI technology and scientific management, and the successful application of Six Sigma to continuously improve the customer mining and service experience for members to provide more convenient and efficient services. "Golden Ear-Mark Award" in the selection process of development over the past 6 years to adhere to the fixed assessment categories, and strictly control the number of winners, the whole process of great importance in the assessment of the status of eligible, the dimensions of institutions and improvements in the interaction, the industrialization institutional credibility and practical improvements to the eligible, the value of a good reputation.