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Madam Yan Xiaobin CNCBA accept the China Central Television interview again
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Recently, 2010 China solemnly announced the best contact center list, 4PS Liaison Centre International Standard 2010 release. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center, assistant director of Wang Ping, CNCBA President Yan Xiaobin, respectively, and individuals for the annual award winners. Oct. 4 to Oct. 6 date, the China Central Television Channel 4 sets of several international reports to the Global Best Contact Center 2010 Award and 4PS Liaison Centre International Standard published the grand occasion. 4PS contact center as a global sponsor of international standards, China's call center industry leaders and association leaders, Yan Xiaobin Chairman for three consecutive years by the competent government-designated as the sole representative of industry to accept China Central Television interview. It is reported that Yan Xiaobin created telemarketing 5PD model, "six line" service chain practice theory, a number of cities and universities for domestic call center and outsourcing industry consultant and Distinguished Visiting Professor, worked with Mr. Chen and other people won " China's first new class of elite figure Award ", the call center industry in the early stages of China's development and to the contact center industry to upgrade the process of playing a positive and significant lead, and to promote China's service outsourcing from the manufacturing to the industrial transformation . Interview Yan Xiaobin mentioned: global call center industry has grown from simple, single-voice paging call center desktop turn times, including voice, email, fax, SMS, microblogging, online communities and other multi-channel integrated contact center times, in the China, the contact center has become a superior customer service and call center customer interactions and synonymous with excellence. "2010 Contact Center and CRM Best Awards" aims to promote the establishment of the community to enhance customer focus is to improve contact center operational management level, 4PS contact center through the use of international standards, and ultimately promote the contact center industry in China, greater and faster development. This activity will become a real focal point of China "Oscar" award as outstanding contact center and CRM industry business arena. Recently, the Ministry of Industry and the China Call Center and BPO Industry Alliance (CNCBA) support the launch, Dell, Cisco, HP, Microsoft, Chunghwa Telecom, Yum, Motorola, IBM, L'Oreal, Royal Bank of Scotland, Hong Kong, PCCW Branch, Call Center Amoy net, nearly twenty people Fortune 500 companies and senior managers of well-known representatives of the establishment of units to write the 4PS contact center with international standards, 4PS Liaison Centre International Standards Committee members come from the United States, France, Britain, Australia , China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries in eight countries and regions, composed of senior experts. The standard originated in China as a global contact center industry standards, it was set up to better promote China's service outsourcing and contact center industry, the Association will vigorously promote 4PS focal application of international standards in China.