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China (Shanghai) contact center and BPO congress are wonderful review (graph)
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Become more and more important in strategy of company put oneself in another's position as the part of call center, controller must undertake innovating ceaselessly to the flow of their call center, raise investment redound to realize experience of high grade client namely thereby. Associate with of science and technology, realize value, combinative client relation runs optimal practice, make through strategy of innovation call center the client serves extraordinary. Raise call center in the round move, human affairs management, strategic plan, client service and sale function. 2007-2010 year it is the important period that market of the bag outside world software and news service extends ceaselessly, gartner company is forecasted 2009, package total value will be achieved outside 8000 to 1 trillion U.S. dollor. Chinese enterprise, how to hold the whole world to develop situation form, face the international market of constant change, enlarge market share?

On July 24, 2007, by call center and network of BPO trade information (Www.51callcenter.com) is sponsorred, the center of 2007 China call of Chinese call center and guidance of BPO allied orgnaization and seminar of BPO trade series-----"The Chinese call center below global eye shot and BPO industry " Shanghai stands in Shanghai Yan'an restaurant to be held satisfactorily. This the conference got center of Taiwan customer service develops association, shanghai call center reachs wireless paging association, chinese channel on the west of the orgnaization such as institute of bank call center support energetically, invited Wu Junhua of AVAYA senior adviser with respect to, small achieve macrocosm trustee to hold the Rong Erlang below COO hill, Saikesi concurrently business of big China division is extended with market chief inspector Fan Xiao of expert of Yan Xiaobin, industry, , the change lives " , "10 years of the leap: The successful experience of bibcock of Japanese BPO industry is shared " , " the strategy of call center and core are discussed " , " a few idea that the partner includes outside the choice " , " how choose and evaluate first-rate BPO partner " wait for a theme to be aimed at advanced technique of call center industry and BPO industry international, country concept.

In the meantime, this the one large window in the conference is: Forum of specially invite honored guest, a person of extraordinary powers of honest of carry of Cai Zheng of manager of division of big China of the bag outside inviting business of Microsoft whole world, China and foreign countries (DHL) Liang Yue of manager of department of service of client of Hua Dong area, heaven and earth is straight answer sale (Feng Xueou of director of TNT) call center, in Fan Xiao of specially invite compere chair next is aimed at the difficulty in operation of call center business and staff invite applications for a job and methodological theme, leave communication of honored guest query with the stage, everybody is taken an active part in ardently eagerly, shared very valuable practice experience, make spot atmosphere reached a climax. The honored guest that makes a speech on forum shared the successful experience of respective enterprise not only, righter the development of the industry threw great attention, immediateness of assembly room atmosphere warms up highly, compere and honored guest to attending a meeting the query of personnel has too many visitors or business to deal with, wonderful interlocution is diffusing whole assembly room, after causing conference concluding time to delay 20 minutes.
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