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Honored guest forum: Cao elder brother flinchs 隑 PO is in all right of financia
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On December 18, 2007, sponsor by 51callcenter, chinese call center and orgnaization of BPO industry alliance, shanghai banking industry serves base, net of middleman and guarantor assist the center of call of industry of 2007 China banking that run and BPO congress are in Shanghai land home big public house of Zhijinshan of 5 stars hotel holds division of mouth banking trade ceremoniously, it is memoir of honored guest forum below, theme: The bag outside call center and business flow is in of financial industry apply with foreground: Fan Xiao: Thank Yan Zong, I also did not think of colour the perspective that the chairman gave us to show CallCenter below husky circumstance actually, be in especially the foreground below such BPO setting, be like us to there is a clear soup to let us see the future of an industry later in big eat. So I feel this is very interesting. Next an agenda also is the most wonderful, I consider as such, it is honored guest forum, we should ask on 4 honored guests, they are Wu Lei, everybody welcomes respectively. Wu Lei is the doctor of company of bank fund management, the client serves department inspector general. Center of operation of district of Asia-Pacific of Kang Bing Paypal is high manager, customer service of bank of Peng approach an ancient name for China serves department manager, have please. He Yong, small the advanced project manager that achieves macrocosm, appear on the stage please. Sit please.

Good, want to ask 4 to introduce his simply severally above all. Subsequently we interact with respect to a when have honored guest and guest. Kang Bing: I am the Kang Bing of Paypal Asia-Pacific area, paypal is online pay a company. The company of our Shanghai is pass two years ago inside the means of the bag receives the service those who come over. Peng Ling: Everybody is good the Peng Ling that I am company of an ancient name for China, we 2000 when established center of a customer service, 5 years when the customer service center that established a Beijing. He Yong: Everybody is good I am to come from bank fund to run a company, our theory is a domain that basically is use insurance. Wu Lei: I call Wu Lei, it is bank fund company, we make galactic negotiable securities before, everybody is relative to this understanding, undertook recombining next, galactic negotiable securities and galactic fund are brotherly unit. Galactic fund is the professional orgnaization of capital fund. Thank everybody. Fan Xiao: Begin from Dr. Wu, the theme of our forum is the bag outside call center and business in financial industry apply and foreground, everybody has a few experience share. Wu Lei: Thank, colour I let make a presentation when the chairman looks for me, say my understanding to this industry is not quite deep bluntly, the administrative field that our company is serving and the difference of a few companies are bigger. Say bluntly, begin from 98 years, industry of our country fund is a new industry, although be the main component of industry of a banking, but fund industry itself and banking and insurance difference are bigger, serve a field especially. I perceive fund industry also is as last year the development of city of a big ox, progressively a few shocks arose in a lot of common people hearts, it is this year the asset management scope of whole fund industry obtained fund 3 trillion, say so especially this year, generated a qualitative flight, so a lot of people more knew fund company. Fund company is told from the service put in very big difference really. Basically I generalize it is after shooting first, aim at. Home has 59 to have fund company, established 10 later, the Milky Way is the first the 2nd batch, there are 59 now, so much company is told from the service, fund company has a service and did not pass much investment. When I remember early, previously the center of call of attend a banquet of fund company basically is done not have at the beginning, realized this problem later, took a few kind that build oneself next, also be smaller, the standard of the industry configures each fund company my survey result basically has 4 take one's seat at a banquet table only, compare so small. Very much this year fund company basically is making enlarge appearance, the comparison that some doing is bit more, a bit bigger have 100 many attend a banquet, southern He Jiashi is for instance more, some also is the attend a banquet of a few. My understanding is fund industry the likelihood lags behind at bank peace and insurance industry. The operation of the company of the service that the question with fund very big industry is it and itself is coessential change, very duplicate. Outside basically returning those who do not have occurrence business now, wrap, everybody is big and whole pattern, everybody realized but had not solved. Also can have better means of settlement later.
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